Friday, October 13, 2006

United Press International - Intl. Intelligence - Analysis: Gallic intifada

"BRUSSELS, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- Turf conscious bloggers in Paris' rundown, mostly Muslim, suburban immigrant housing estates rival in violent messages that threaten to beat senseless and even kill any intruder caught in 'our ghetto.' Almost every word is misspelled, in both argot slang and pidgin French. And these are not empty threats. An average of 14 policemen a day are injured in bloody clashes with jobless youngsters.

France's Interior Ministry said 2,500 police officers had been 'wounded' this year. The head of the hard-line trade union 'Action Police' Michel Thooris wrote to Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy to describe conditions in housing developments turned slums as 'intifada.' Police cruisers are pelted daily with stones and 'Molotov cocktails' (gasoline-filled bottles with burning wicks that explode on impact) and Thooris said cops assigned to what was rapidly degenerating into 'free fire zones' should be protected in armored vehicles. Entire tall buildings empty into the streets to chase policemen and free an arrested comrade.

'We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists,' Thooris told journalists. Sarkozy, the leading center-right candidate for next year's presidential election, responded by dispatching cops in body armor, equipped with automatic weapons and rubber bullets, stun and teargas grenades into several Paris suburbs with orders to 'restore control' from 'organized crime.' In one recent clash 250 cops dispersed a 100-strong Muslim gang armed with baseball bats.

The chaotic conditions in suburbs like Clichy-sous-Bois, Montfermeil and St. Denis have grown progressively worse since the nationwide Muslim riots in November 2005 that torched 10,000 vehicles.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin recently criticized as 'overdrawn' President Bush's frequent reference to the 'global war on terror.'

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Telegraph | News | Muslims are waging civil war against us, claims police union

Telegraph | News | Muslims are waging civil war against us, claims police union: "Radical Muslims in France's housing estates are waging an undeclared 'intifada' against the police, with violent clashes injuring an average of 14 officers each day.

Nicolas Sarkozy
Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy was warned of an 'intifada'

As the interior ministry said that nearly 2,500 officers had been wounded this year, a police union declared that its members were 'in a state of civil war' with Muslims in the most depressed 'banlieue' estates which are heavily populated by unemployed youths of north African origin.

It said the situation was so grave that it had asked the government to provide police with armoured cars to protect officers in the estates, which are becoming no-go zones.

The number of attacks has risen by a third in two years. Police representatives told the newspaper Le Figaro that the 'taboo' of attacking officers on patrol has been broken.

Instead, officers – especially those patrolling in pairs or small groups – faced attacks as soon as they tried to arrest locals.

Senior officers insisted that the problem was essentially criminal in nature, with crime bosses on the estates fighting back against tough tactics.

The interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, who is also the leading centre-Right candidate for the presidency, has sent heavily equipped units into areas with orders to regain control from drug smuggling gangs and other organised crime rings. Such aggressive raids were 'disrupting the underground economy in the estates', one senior official told Le Figaro.

However, not all officers on the ground accept that essentially secular interpretation. Michel Thoomis, the secretary general of the hardline Action Police trade union, has written to Mr Sarkozy warning of an 'intifada' on the estates and demanding that officers be given armoured cars in the most dangerous areas.

He said yesterday: 'We are in a state"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dispatch from the Eurabian Front: Spain, France, Netherlands, Flanders | The Brussels Journal

What can one say? Watching from the sidelines, I can see Europe crashing into a brick wall at warp 10 through appeasement and hand-wringing.

Islam doesn't even need to fight battles against the wussie Euro's. They'll "what if" themselves into being a caliphate again.

Think I should probably change the name of my blog to "The European Caliphate".

Nonsense first, as usual.

Spain will no longer burn effigies of the Prophet Muhammad. Muslim armies occupied Spain from 711 to 1492. For the past five centuries the Spanish have traditionally celebrated the 1492 liberation from the Moors (as the Muslims were locally called) with local village festivals during which the battles against the Moors were reenacted and effigies of the Muslim prophet – the so-called “la Mahoma” – were mocked, thrown from the windows, and burned.

Last year the town of Bocairent near Valencia decided to discontinue the tradition of centuries. The town did not want to risk becoming the target of Islamic suicide bombers. On Monday the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that this year the other Valencian towns are also abolishing ancient traditions which are perceived to be offensive to Muslims. The people of Beneixama used to stuff the head of the Mahoma with firecrackers which went off as the onlookers applauded. This year Beneixama decided to abolish this part of the celebration. Antonio Vald├ęs, the local mayor, told El Pais: “This was not an essential part of the festivities. It could hurt the sensitivities of some. We decided to avoid that.” The reconquista will still be commemmorated, but without “aggression” towards Muhammad.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Third Night of Ramadan Rioting in Capital of Europe | The Brussels Journal

"Islam is a religion of peace!"

It looks as if immigrants youths want to turn nightly rioting during the Islamic holy month of ramadan into an annual tradition. Around 8:30pm last night violence erupted again in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The riots centered on the Brussels Marollen quarter and the area near the Midi Train Station, where the international trains from London and Paris arrive. Youths threw stones at passing people and cars, windows of parked cars were smashed, bus shelters were demolished, cars were set ablaze, a youth club was arsoned and a shop was looted. Two molotov cocktails were thrown into St.Peter’s hospital, one of the main hospitals of central Brussels. The fire brigade was able to extinguish the fires at the hospital, but youths managed to steal the keys of the fire engine.

During the month of ramadan Muslims are required to fast during the day and are only allowed to eat after sunset. As Esther pointed out “What should be noticed about the riots is that they start after sunset. Besides the fact that they start after dark, it also gives the rioters enough time to break their fast and enjoy the traditional family meal. Sunset is around 7:30pm.” Tuesday’s and Monday’s riots began around 8:30pm.

Last night the police arrested 45 rioters. One of them will be prosecuted for assaulting the owner of a shop. Philippe Close, the chef de cabinet of the Mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, said that the authorities would continue their efforts to defuse the situation in a peaceful manner, but he announced that the police will be less complacent in future, “since we cannot tolerate that this [Marollen] neighbourhood falls victim to a problem from outside the neighbourhood.”

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mozart Opera Canceled for Muhammad Scene

I don't know why the Germans don't just convert now and have it over with. Self-censoring like this is NOT going to work. All it's going to do is show weakness which will encourage even MORE "offenses" which will have to be self-censored as well.

I did find this line amusing though:

"Islamic law is interpreted to forbid any depiction of Muhammad for fear it could lead to idolatry."

Obviously they've never counted up the number of muslims who are named Muhammad. Believe me, they idolize him, therefore are idolators.

A leading opera house in Berlin, Germany canceled a 3-year-old production of Mozart's 'Idomeneo' that included a scene showing the severed head of the Prophet Muhammad, unleashing a furious debate over free speech.

In a statement late Monday, the Deutsche Oper said it decided 'with great regret' to cancel the production of the 225-year-old opera after Berlin security officials warned of an 'incalculable risk' stemming from the scene.

After its premiere in 2003, the production by Hans Neuenfels drew widespread criticism over the scene in which King Idomeneo presents the severed heads not only of the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, but also of Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha.

'We know the consequences of the conflict over the (Muhammad) caricatures,' the statement said. 'We believe that needs to be taken very seriously and hope for your support.'

Kirsten Harms, director of the Deutsche Oper, told the Berliner Morgenpost on Tuesday that Berlin state police had warned of a possible - but not certain - threat, and she decided it would be in the best interest of the safety of the opera house, its employees and patrons to cancel the production.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Al-Qaida joins Algerians against France

Now, France may learn that all their anti-Americanism, posturing and appeasement of Islamics really hasn't bought them the safety that they'd hoped it would

They've pushed away their allies and encouraged their enemies. Now they're likely to learn just how large a problem they have with millions of Islamics in their country and millions more outside, who want nothing more than the death of France and as many frenchmen as they can possibly manage.

Those "Islamic enclaves" are no-go zones for the french authorities and nobody at all has ANY idea of what's in them. But we may find out sooner, rather than later.

PARIS - Al-Qaida has for the first time announced a union with an Algerian insurgent group that has designated France as an enemy, saying they will act together against French and American interests.

Current and former French officials specializing in terrorism said Thursday that an al-Qaida alliance with the Salafist Group for Call and Combat, known by its French initials GSPC, was cause for concern.

'We take these threats very seriously,' Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said, adding in an interview on France-2 television that the threat to France was 'high' and 'permanent,' and that 'absolute vigilance' was required.

Al-Qaida's No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahri, announced the 'blessed union' in a video posted this week on the Internet to mark the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States.

France's leader have repeatedly warned that the decision not to join the U.S.-led war in Iraq would not shield the country from Islamic terrorism. French participation in the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Lebanon could give extremists another reason to strike.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Minister Welcomes Sharia In Netherlands If Majority Wants It

What can one say about sentiments like this one. If he wants sharia so bad, why doesn't he go to a country that practices it? Why don't the muslims who moved to the Netherlands? Why import it?

This is why many American just shake their head in amazement at the downright stupid things that flow from politically correct Europe.

Mark Steyn said it best I think: Europe is sleepwalking its way to suicide.

THE HAGUE, 13/09/06 - Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner considers the Netherlands should give Muslims more freedoms to behave according to their traditions. Muslims refusing to shake hands is fine with him. And Sharia law could be introduced in the Netherlands democratically, in the minister's view.

Muslims have the right to experience their religion in ways that diverge from Dutch social codes, accordign to the Christian democrat (CDA) minister. He thinks Queen Beatrix was very wise not to insist on a Muslim leader shaking hands with her when she visited his mosque in The Hague earlier this year.

Integration Minister Verdonk did previously scold an imam who would not shake her hand. Without directly referring to this incident, Donner considers 'a tone that I do not like has crept into the political debate. A tone of: 'Thou shalt assimilate. Thou shalt adopt our values in public. Be reasonable, do it our way'. That is not my approach'.

Donner strongly disagrees with a recent plea by CDA parliamentary leader Maxime Verhagen for a ban on parties seeking to launch Sharia (Islamic law) in the Netherlands. 'For me it is clear: if two-thirds of the Dutch population should want to introduce the Sharia tomorrow, then the possibility should exist,' according to Donner. 'It would be a disgrace to say: 'That is not allowed!'.'

Donner makes his remarks in an interview in a book entitled, 'The country of hate and anger' (Het land van haat en nijd). The book was written by journalists Margalith Kleijwegt and Max van Weezel of weekly magazine Vrij Nederland. Minister Verdonk will be presented with the first copy today.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tortured screams ring out as Iraqis take over Abu Ghraib

"'Please help us, we want the human rights officers, we want the Americans to come back'"

This is off topic, but as a Yank, I just couldn't resist it.

Apparently, American "torture" at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq wasn't THAT bad.

After all, panties on the head and being posed for a photo-op aren't THAT bad compared to REAL torture that Arabs can come up with.

It reminds me of a piece written by a chaplain in Guantanamo Bay. They spent 9 hours talking a prisoner who was being shipped back home out of a tree because he preferred Gitmo's prison to what he faced when he went back home.

I'm sure this headline will be splashed all over the NY Times for months as well, just like the original Abu Ghraib pictures were. NOT!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

British anti-terror police probing 'thousands' of suspects

Fri Sep 1, 11:09 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - British police are currently trying to monitor 'thousands' of potential security suspects, the head of the anti-terrorism unit at London's Metropolitan Police said in an interview to be broadcast Sunday.

In an interview recorded in July, before the arrest of more than two dozen people on suspicion of an alleged plot to blow up US-bound aircraft, Peter Clarke said Britain was facing an increasing threat from homegrown extremists.

He refused to give an exact figure about how many people he said were either directly or indirectly involved in plotting atrocities on British soil but said the number ran into four figures.

'I don't want to go down the numbers game, I don't think it's helpful,' he told a BBC television programme entitled 'Al-Qaida -- Time to Talk?'

'All I can say is that our knowledge is increasing and certainly in terms of broad description, the numbers of people who we have to be interested in are into the thousands.'

He added: 'That includes a whole range of people, not just terrorists, not just attackers, but people who might be tempted to support or encourage or to assist.'

Clarke highlighted the potential for home-grown terrorism in Britain since the September 2001 attacks on the United States, implicitly citing the July 2005 London bombings carried out by four British Muslim suicide bombers.

'What we've learnt since 9/11 is that the threat is not something that's simply coming from overseas into the United Kingdom. What we've learnt, and what we've seen all too graphically and all too murderously, is that we have a threat which is being generated here within the United Kingdom.'

BBC investigators uncovered a route for suicide bombers from Britain to
Iraq by following a French Algerian jihadist who lived in the northern English city of Manchester and is thought to have died in a suicid"

Friday, September 01, 2006

Islamic conversions gain ground in Britain- The Times of India

Islamic conversions gain ground in Britain- The Times of India: "LONDON: Shoe-bomber Richard Reid; 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay; August 10’s Trans-Atlantic airline alleged conspirators Don Stewart-Whyte, Oliver Savant and Brian Young. All would fail the racial profiling test to screen potential terrorists; all are converts to Islam. So, is the new face of Islam in the UK increasingly white or at least non-Asian and non-typical?

'Yes and no,' says Batool-al Toma, head of the New Muslim Project, set up 12 years ago in the English Midlands city of Leicester as Britain’s first organised one-stop shop for new converts to Islam.

Al-Toma, formerly Mary Geraghty, is a white Irishwoman who converted to Islam 25 years ago. She admits to TOI that 'the numbers of white converts have been steadily rising, my work has increased and the sheer volume of people coming to me every week has risen in the last 12 years'.

But she disputes the easy media shorthand that sees British Islam as increasingly white and dangerously reflected in Reid, Lindsay, Stewart-Whyte, Savant and Young. 'Reid and Lindsay were not of a white background,' she points out, 'and the others are not typical of the white people who convert to Islam.' More crucially, says al-Toma, the New Muslim Project is now busy creating a separate programme of induction for Hindu and Sikh converts to Islam.

'Till now, Hindu and Sikh converts mostly turned to the British Pakistani community but I now realise they have specific issues to do with family and we need to support them.'

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Islam poses a threat to the West, say 53pc in poll

It appears that some Brit's eyes are being opened as to the dangers of rampant immigration of Muslims into the country. However it poses some interesting questions and considerations:

I wonder if the Brits will still allow that 70,000 seat mosque in London for the Olympics. We know how dangerous mosques can be. Wonder if Red Ken Livingstone will still back the project.

I fear to think of what security for the Olympics is going to cost with both imported and domestic muslims looking to blow up and butcher everything in sight.

Didn't the Brits pass some anti-Blasphemy laws after 7/7 to appease Islam and muslims? Wonder how that's working out for them.

Haven't heard much from ol' George Galloway since he was on Al Jazeera a week or two ago begging Islam for money. All the world knows that muslims are true altruists who would NEVER expect anything in return for their donations to him. Wonder what his thoughts on that mass-murder airline plot are.

Now that Brits are starting to wake up to the danger they've imported, they have no weapons available to defend themselves, the govt having confiscated them all. We in America will NEVER give up our rights to defend ourselves in favor of some far away government having to defend us in times of need.

I wonder if the government of Britain will finall get the message that they're PAYING for this terrorism against its citizens. They make sure that they have welfare money for food, housing paid at State expense, health care in the NHS. In fact the muslims, if I have the straight of it, have precious little to do all day, day in and day out, except hang around the mosque and talk shop -- jihad, how to kill all the people providing them with their goodies.

Oh well. Strange system at work in England.

A growing number of people fear that the country faces 'a Muslim problem' and more than half of the respondents to the YouGov survey said that Islam posed a threat to Western liberal democracy. That compares with less than a third after the September 11 terrorist attacks on America five years ago.

SNIP ...

The proportion of those who believe that "a large proportion of British Muslims feel no sense of loyalty to this country and are prepared to condone or even carry out acts of terrorism" has nearly doubled from 10 per cent a year ago to 18 per cent now.

The number who believe that "practically all British Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who deplore terrorist acts as much as any- one else" has fallen from 23 per cent in July last year to 16 per cent.

SNIP ...

A higher proportion than last year now feels that the police and MI5 should focus their counter-terrorism efforts on Muslims and far fewer people are worried that such an approach risks dividing the country or offending law-abiding Muslims.

Most strikingly, there has been a substantial increase over the past five years in the numbers who appear to subscribe to a belief in a clash of civilisations. When YouGov asked in 2001 whether people felt threatened by Islam, as distinct from fundamentalist Islamists, only 32 per cent said they did. That figure has risen to 53 per cent.

Five years ago, a majority of two to one thought that Islam posed no threat, or only a negligible one, to democracy. Now, by a similar ratio, people think it is a serious threat.

SNIP ...

She said: "Our ideas and policies should not be based on special treatment for minority ethnic faith communities. That would only exacerbate division rather than help build cohesion."
[ED: She says at the same time in another article it's reported about this new commission: It will also consider requests from Muslim groups for Islamic festivals to be bank holidays. They're still in appeasement mode.]


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Iran 'obtained German guidance gear for drones'

Here again we see Europe assisting Iran and their proxy Hezb'Allah in their mission to kill Jews wholesale. Why this is not considered genocide is beyond me. Trying to wipe a whole people off the map and out of life is most certainly a crime against humanity.

And Europe is complicit in it. Both with equipment funneled through Iran and cash payments for "humanitarian" assistance to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. All of these groups' avowed aims are to kill every Jew in Israel and I personally consider Europe to be an accessory to this GENOCIDE!

DUSSELDORF - Iran has obtained German guidance gear for its drones, a prosecutor disclosed in Dusseldorf Monday, just hours after the revelation that Britain had supplied night-vision equipment to Iran which ended up in the hands of Hezbollah fighters.

Johannes Mocken, the prosecutor in Dusseldorf, said Tehran had obtained the global positioning systems (GPS) through Iranian merchants living in Germany.

The delivery was first reported by a German television current-affairs programme, Fakt, which said seven German-made systems were exported but German authorities managed to stop three more.

The systems use signals from satellites to help fly unmanned aircraft. Hezbollah deployed several drones of unknown origin in its recent month of fighting with Israel.

Hezbollah night-vision gear was from Britain

I understand that it's difficult to control every piece of equipment that a country produces, but European countries and in particular the UN seem to be dealing with Iran like it's just another run of the mill player that has only the interest of the world at heart.

When will these soft and squishy lefties come to the conclusion that I came to with the Iranian overthrow of the US embassy that they CANNOT be trusted? I came to this conclusion over 15 years ago, why are Euro's and the UN so thick-headed about it?

Or is it that they're selectively blind when it comes to killing Jews? I'm not a Jew. I don't think that I even KNOW a Jew right now. But right is right and wrong is wrong and Jews are human beings, despite president achmadinutjob and many other "Islamic Scholar's" opinion to the contrary.

Why is Europe aiding and abetting a second holocaust by the new Nazi's???

And it's not just this equipment either. One has to wonder: if this equipment was waived to Iran, what other equipment was?

Israeli officials say they believe the state-of-the-art equipment, found in Hezbollah command-and-control headquarters in southern Lebanon during the just-concluded war, was part of a British government-approved shipment of 250 pieces of night-vision equipment sent to Iran in 2003.

Israeli military intelligence confirmed that one of the pieces of equipment is a Thermo-vision 1000 LR tactical night-vision system, serial No. 155010, part No. 193960, manufactured by Agema, a high-tech equipment company with branches in Bedfordshire, England, and San Diego. A spokesman for Agema in San Diego denied all knowledge of the system.

The equipment, which needed special export-license approval from the British government, was passed to the Iranians through a program run and administered by the U.N. Drug Control Program. The equipment uses infrared imaging to provide nighttime surveillance that allows the user to detect people and vehicles moving in the dark at a range of several miles.

Use of such equipment would have enabled Hezbollah to detect and record the movements of Israeli forces inside Israel, as well as its military advance into Lebanon.

Britain and Italy both have provided specialized tracking and monitoring equipment over the past decade as part of U.N.-sponsored attempts to stem the flow of heroin and opium into Western Europe from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Iran is a major route for shipment of narcotics to the West.

A spokesman for the British Foreign Office in London said Saturday, "The Israeli Defense Forces have confirmed to us they have found some night-vision equipment in south Lebanon that is apparently made in Britain. We're trying to get further details to see exactly what the equipment is, who made it and who the original buyer is."

The spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Britain participates, through the U.N. drug-fighting agency, in Iran's interception program, which is run by anti-narcotics forces along the country's eastern border with Afghanistan and Pakistan, both major opium poppy-growing countries.

"We've been encouraging the Iranians as part of their anti-narcotics program, and there was an export in 2003 ... as part of the heroin and opium smuggling program. This is an area where we try not to let the nuclear issue prevent cooperation on countering narcotics," he said, referring to Iran's dispute with the United Nations over its nuclear enrichment program.

The Foreign Office spokesman said officials at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv have requested serial and parts numbers of the seized equipment to try to determine how it ended up in the hands of Hezbollah guerrillas fighting Israeli forces in Lebanon.

The equipment was found by Israeli forces in the southern Lebanese village of Mis-a-Jebel on Aug. 8, in a house belonging to a 60-year-old man whose four sons were all known to be Hezbollah fighters. The discovery was disclosed in a briefing by Lt. Col. Olivier Radowicz, an Israeli army spokesman, and later confirmed in detail by Israeli military intelligence officials, who also provided photographs of the equipment taken in the house where it was discovered.

"These are tactical night-vision systems ... given to Hezbollah by Iran. The Iranians are the 100 percent provider of all the materiel, especially intelligence materiel, to Hezbollah," Radowicz said.

The discovery of the night-vision equipment, together with sophisticated recording and monitoring devices and stashes of antitank missiles and rockets, led the Israelis to believe the five-room house was the command-and-control unit for Hezbollah in the local area, he said.

In the early phases of the Israeli ground advance against Hezbollah positions across the border region, commanders complained to their superiors that nighttime operations had been hampered by the ability of Hezbollah fighters to observe and counter the Israeli moves. In more than six days of bitter fighting around the village of Mis-a-Jebel, the Israeli army lost six soldiers, and more than 20 were injured.

"The night-vision unit was used to observe the movement of troops. It's very close to the border, so it can see Israeli troops. You can also record what you are watching. Then it is connected to computers. You can obtain a perfect intelligence picture in real time about the situation. It is then connected to firing systems or to units that are going to act in accordance with the intelligence they are receiving," Radowicz said during the briefing.

The peacekeepers of Penzance

I really hate to say it, but Europe's future is indeed bleak. All their braying about the "international community" and "human rights for man" (minus the Jews of course) makes them a laughing-stock around the world.

And nobody moreso than "Black Jaques Chiraq" with his by now infamous 4,000 "peacekeepers" leading the UNIFIL force in Lebanon of 15,000 which suddenly turned into 200 "combat" engineers. (Amazingly, he surrendered even BEFORE they had boots on the ground!)

I understand that it was the intercession of Syria threatening terrorist actions against French troops that halted the French drive for the leadership post in Lebanon. But no matter. That's not important.

What's important is that unless Europe changes its ways TODAY, NOW, there will be no Europe by the turn of this century, at least no Europe that any of the rest of us would recognize.

"A people without progeny will not accept a single military casualty. If this generation is the last, there will be no children for whom to sacrifice. Today's Europeans value their distractions and amusements more than they do prospective children. Germany's 2005 birth rate of only 8.5 per 1,000 inhabitants indicates that Europe is following the low variant of UN population estimates. These guarantee the virtual disappearance of the Europeans by the end of the present century.

Only 300 million Europeans, nearly half of them geriatric, will remain at the end of the present century against more than 700 million (including all of Eastern Europe) today. Europeans younger than 60 years of age now number about 560 million; that number will fall by only 150 million by the year 2100. This number excludes immigrants, overwhelmingly from the Middle East and Africa, who show no signs of assimilating as Europeans.

The number of Americans will exceed the number of Europeans, Russia included, by around the year 2080, although the aggregate numbers mask the true extent of the catastrophe, for nearly half of Europe's survivors will have reached retirement age. A fifth of Europeans are past 60 now; by 2050 more than a third will be above 60; and by the end of the century nearly half. The United States' elderly will number about 30%, so that the number of Americans younger than 60, at 280 million, will be close to double the number of young and working-age Europeans.

It might be objected that Europe's demographic catastrophe lies a generation hence, and that it need not determine European policy today. Just the opposite is true: it is Europe's present attitudes that dictate the demographic catastrophe. Europe began to die in the 1990s when deaths outnumbered births."


Sunday, August 20, 2006

The future of Britain and Europe from the horse's mouth.

Europe, take some lessons from 9/11

Europe is the cancer - Islam is the Answer!

Europe, you will pay - Your extermination is on its way!

Europe, you will pay - Your 9/11 is on its way!

How anybody can misread these messages and their intentions is beyond me. How much plainer can it be made? This is the future of Europe.

Firebrand Islamic academic: 'dying for your beliefs is just'

To underscore the gravity and nature of the problem that Britain in particular and Europe in general face, here's a quote from Dr. Tamimi during the ExpoIslamia in Manchester England today.

"We are Muslims in Europe, not European Muslims,"

Obviously, this is a very clear indication of how many "Muslims in Europe" see the priority of their alliegance.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Police detain suspect in July bomb plot-report | World News |

I generally try and keep up with the news as much as one man can, but this one completely slipped by me. A bomb plot on trains in Germany? Hmmm. The last sentence is of particular note:

The explosives had been ignited but failed to detonate.

BERLIN (Reuters) - German security forces have taken into custody a suspect linked to last month's failed plot to explode bombs on German trains, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

In a preview of an article to appear in Bild am Sonntag on Sunday, the paper cited security sources as saying one of two suspects in the case had been seized in the northern city of Kiel and was being questioned by police.

Earlier on Saturday, the train station in Kiel was shut down for five hours. Police said the move was linked to the investigation into two bombs that were discovered in abandoned suitcases on trains in Dortmund and Koblenz last month."

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BRIT 'BABY BOMB' BEASTS By ANDY SOLTIS - New York Post Online Edition: News

One must wonder if there is ANYTHING sacred to Muslims. Ambulances are used to transport murderers, Embassies are taken over and their ambassadors and staff are held, tortured and sometimes executed, Hospitals and daycare centers are used for weapon storage, even their own children, let alone children of infidels are not sacred to them.

I can't think of a law of man or God that these people haven't broken from kidnapping, murder, genocide and other crimes against humanity, arson, rape, torture, extortion, drug running, gun running - the list goes on and on and on, and all with the Ummah's blessing and cheers.

What the outwardly normal couple had secretly plotted is almost too horrifying to consider, cops said.

The Alis planned to use 6-month-old son Zain's baby bottle as a liquid bomb, blowing themselves and their child up, along with hundreds of others aboard the flight.

Cossar was allowed to bring Zain to a police station house so she could breast-feed him there. The baby was later turned over to her grandparents.

To their stunned friends and neighbors in a housing project in north London, the Alis were known as quiet, struggling parents and observant Muslims who showed no signs of terror ties.

"Cossor was not someone I had an argument with, never any problems," said a shocked Bronwene Hammond, who attended London's Walthamstow School for Girls with her.

"She would wear the full Muslim outfit because of her parents, but she was never preaching," Hammond told The Mail on Sunday. "There were a lot more religious people at school."

But British security experts suspect that Cossor Ali is an example of a chilling phenomenon that is growing in popularity among the terror set - a woman willing to use her innocent appearance to allay suspicions and carry out a suicide bombing. At least 20 Muslim women have blown themselves up in such attacks.

Particularly disturbing was Cossor Ali's apparent intent to conceal the liquid trigger for a bomb in Zain's baby bottle when the family boarded a jetliner.

"It may be beyond belief, but we are convinced that there are now women in Britain who are prepared to die with their babies for their twisted cause," a security adviser to the British government told The Times of London.

"They are ruthless, single-minded and totally committed."

Cossor, a British citizen like her husband, lived with her parents and two older sisters before marrying Ali three years ago.

The couple moved into the project and were receiving government assistance.

I truly wonder if the governments and people of Europe will ever catch onto the fact that they are actually PAYING these "people" to murder their native population. The poor natives are chained to a desk 8-12 hours a day and the taxes they pay go to support these murderous jihadi scum whose only aim is to murder the taxpayers. Talk about taking out a contract on yourself!

Europe faces 'very real threat'

Do Europeans purposely elect stupid people? Not that we in the states don't, but there are times that I wonder what happened to the peoples who elected Reagan and Thatcher.

Islam, whose very name stood for peace.

Islam does not and never will stand for peace. Islam means 'submission'. Submission of the Muslim peoples to the will of Allah and submission of the Dar-al-Harb - the House of War - us infidels, to Dar-al-Salam - the House of Peace - to the Muslim Ummah.

Where these elected politicians got the idea that Islam has anything to do with peace is beyond me and always will be.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Muslims call for special bank holidays | the Daily Mail

Right dead-center in the middle of this article is a very interesting little tidbit. And please keep in mind that these are the so-called "moderate Muslims"

Muslim leaders summoned to talks with the Government on tackling extremism in their midst called for public holidays to mark their religious festivals.

The Whitehall meeting was set up in response to last week's airline bomb plot discovery.

Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly had prepared an uncompromising message on the need to tackle dangerous radicalism.

But, in what she admitted were 'sharp' exchanges, some senior Muslim figures turned the tables yesterday and made a series of demands which also included the introduction of Sharia law for family matters.

Dr Syed Aziz Pasha, secretary general of the Union of Muslim Organisations of the UK and Ireland, said: 'We told her if you give us religious rights, we will be in a better position to convince young people that they are being treated equally along with other citizens.'

Dr Pasha said Miss Kelly had agreed to look at the proposals, though her spokesman insisted later that she did not favour any legal change which would give 'special treatment' for the Muslim community.

Some of the 30 moderate Muslim leaders at the meeting told Miss Kelly that important days in their two main religious festivals - Ramadan and Eid-ul-Adha - should be made public holidays for followers of the faith.

Sharia law, which is practised in large parts of the Middle East, should also be introduced in Britain, they argued. While it specifies stonings and amputations as routine punishments for crimes, Dr Pasha said he wanted it only for family affairs.

There you have it in black and white. This is the ultimate aim of even the "moderate" Muslims. The Queens law will be relegated to the back of the stage and Sharia will be imposed front and center.

There is no mid-point where you can meet Islam for a meeting of the minds. To them a mid-way point is simply a place to pause while they begin the next route to their objective: the full dominance of Sharia law.

Many British Muslims Put Islam First

This article should scare the water out of any British citizen. It scares the water out of me and I'm not even British. I don't know any better way to spell out the profoundly massive problem that not only Britain but all of Europe face in their open immigration stance.

The recent homegrown plot in Britain to blow up transatlantic flights will intensify the fear that the country's 1.6 million Muslims are rejecting political tolerance and free speech for a violent, radicalized version of Islam. There is a real concern that British Muslims do pose a threat to that country and its traditional values. So how prevalent are such radical views among British Muslims?

Some answers are provided by the most comprehensive survey to date of Muslim opinion in Britain. The results from NOP Research, broadcast by Channel 4-TV on August 7, are startling.

Forty-five percent say 9/11 was a conspiracy by the American and Israeli governments. This figure is more than twice as high as those who say it was not a conspiracy. Tragically, almost one in four British Muslims believe that last year's 7/7 attacks on London were justified because of British support for the U.S.-led war on terror.

When asked, "Is Britain my country or their country?" only one in four say it is. Thirty percent of British Muslims would prefer to live under Sharia (Islamic religious) law than under British law. According to the report, "Half of those who express a preference for living under Sharia law say that, given the choice, they would move to a country governed by those laws."

Twenty-eight percent hope for the U.K. one day to become a fundamentalist Islamic state. This comports with last year's Daily Telegraph newspaper survey that found one-third of British Muslims believe that Western society is decadent and immoral and that Muslims should seek to end it.

The news is no less alarming on the question of freedom of speech. Seventy-eight percent support punishment for the people who earlier this year published cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed. Sixty-eight percent support the arrest and prosecution of those British people who "insult Islam." When asked if free speech should be protected, even if it offends religious groups, 62 percent of British Muslims say No, it should not.
"Twenty-eight percent hope for the U.K. one day to become a fundamentalist Islamic state."
This is a huge number. Out of 1.6 million muslims in Britain, over half a million of them want the UK to become an Islamic state? Amazing.

Thirty percent of British Muslims would prefer to live under Sharia (Islamic religious) law than under British law."
Again 30%, half a million Muslims want Britain to be an Islamic State like Iran.

Britain and the rest of Europe better do something, NOW or this is their future.

And the twaddle about it all being because of the support of Britain going to war with President Bush is pure, unadulterated trash. Bush and Blair have nothing at all to do with Chechnya and Kashmir and all of the other places where Islam is at war with every major power on the planet.

This is simply Islam and it's been the history of Islam for the past 1,500 years. It's not going to change anytime soon.

BBC NEWS | Europe | German births decline to new low

BBC NEWS | Europe | German births decline to new low

Passport photo of girl, 5, banned 'in case it offends Muslims' | the Daily Mail

This isn't even worth commenting on. Apparently, some Brits are doing the Muslims work for them through political correctness.

A five-year-old girl had her passport form rejected when an official said the bare shoulders on her photograph could offend Muslims.

The post office assistant stunned Hannah Edwards's parents by claiming the skin exposed by her daughter's halter-neck dress would not be accepted by the Passport Office as it might prove unacceptable in a Muslim country.

The incident happened when Jane and Martin Edwards took the picture, which was taken in a photo-booth, to a post office in the Sheffield area along with the completed form for checking ahead of a family holiday in the South of France.

The counter clerk told them she was aware of at least two other cases where applications had been rejected because a person's shoulders were not covered in their photo.

Mrs Edwards, a GP in Sheffield, had to rush around for two hours getting new pictures taken and countersigned.

'I was incensed,' she said yesterday. 'I went back home and checked the form.

'Nowhere did it say anything about covering up shoulders. If it had, I would have done so, but it all seems so unnecessary.

'This is quite ridiculous, I followed the instructions on the passport form to the letter and it was still rejected. It is just officialdom pandering to political correctness.

'It is a total over-reaction. How can the shoulders of a five-year-old girl offend anyone?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lest anybody think I'm so deluded to consider Europe the only one in a Politcally Correct/Demographic squeeze of nutiness, I present another oldie but a goodie from the irrepressible Mark Steyn, published just over 6 months after 911.

It's a horrendous indictment of the Politically Correct Mindset infecting many of the lefties/Government officials operating all across the West.

Mark Steyn -- Mohammed Atta and his federal loan officer
National Post (Toronto) ^ | June 10, 2002 | Mark Steyn

Posted on 06/11/2002 6:08:11 AM PDT by Clive

Mohammed Atta and his federal loan officer
No matter how dumb he was, officialdom was always dumber

When last in this space, 10 days ago, I was writing about whether political correctness kills. This was apropos the 9/11 nutters: "Everything they did stuck out. But it didn't matter. Because the more they stuck out, the more everyone who mattered was trained to look the other way."

I didn't know the half of it. The other day, Johnelle Bryant, an official with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, gave an interview to ABC News in which she revealed that Mohammed Atta and three other September 11th terrorists had visited her Florida office seeking government loans.

America, it seems, came this close to having the World Trade Center incinerated at the taxpayers' expense.

Mr. Atta swung by in May, 2000, and Ms. Bryant remembers quite a bit about it. "At first," she says, "he refused to speak with me," on the grounds that she was, in his words, "but a female." After he'd reiterated the point, she pulled rank: "I told him that if he was interested in getting a farm-service agency loan in my servicing area, then he would need to deal with me." Throughout the hour-long interview, he continued to dismiss her as "but a female."

Ms. Bryant says the applicant was asking for $650,000 to start a crop-dusting business. His plan was to buy a six-seater twin-prop and then remove the seats. "He wanted to build a chemical tank that would fit inside the aircraft and take up every available square inch of the aircraft except for where the pilot would be sitting."


When she explained that his application would have to be processed, Mr. Atta became "very agitated." He'd apparently been expecting to leave the office with cash in hand. "He asked me," recalls Ms. Bryant, "what would prevent him from going behind my desk and cutting my throat and making off with the millions of dollars in that safe." Try this with your Royal Bank loan officer -- I find it works every time. But Ms. Bryant replied politely that there was no money in the safe because loans are never given in cash, and also that she was trained in karate.

His fiendish plan stymied at every turn, Mr. Atta then spotted an aerial view of Washington hanging on the wall behind her. He told her he particularly liked the way it got all the famous landmarks of the city in one convenient picture, pointing specifically to the Pentagon and the White House. "He pulled out a wad of cash," says Ms. Bryant, "and started throwing money on my desk. He wanted that picture really bad."

She told him it wasn't for sale, but he only tossed more dough at her. "His look on his face became very bitter at that point," Ms. Bryant remembers. "He said, 'How would America like it if another country destroyed that city and some of the monuments in it,' like the cities in his country had been destroyed?"


Mr. Atta then moved on to other prominent landmarks in other American cities, and enquired about security at the World Trade Center. Ms. Bryant had a Dallas Cowboys souvenir on her desk, and he asked her about their spectacular stadium and, specifically, the "hole in the roof."

At that point, the chit-chat turned to Mr. Atta's own country, which he claimed was Afghanistan. "He mentioned Osama bin Laden," she says. "He could have been a character on Star Wars for all I knew." So Mr. Atta helpfully explained that this bin Laden guy "would someday be known as the world's greatest leader."

Alas, the interview ended badly from the terrorists' point of view when Ms. Bryant informed her visitor that the loan program is for farm-based projects and a crop-dusting business did not qualify.

A few weeks later, another September 11th killer showed up, Marwan al- Shehhi, seeking half-a-million bucks supposedly to buy a sugar-cane farm. Accompanying him was Mr. Atta, but he was cunningly disguised with a pair of glasses and claiming to be someone else entirely, attending in his capacity as Mr. al-Shehhi's accountant. Sportingly, Ms. Bryant went along with the wheeze. I'm reminded of the time my sister tried to wangle her boyfriend a day off work. She called up the receptionist and, adopting a fake accent, told her that she was the dentist's secretary and he needed to come in immediately for critical dental work. "My God, that's terrible," said the receptionist. "I'll tell him at once." She then buzzed through to the boyfriend: "Stewart, Karen just called pretending to be the dentist's secretary. Do you think she needs to see a doctor?"

But Ms. Bryant didn't think Mr. Atta was sick. The safe-breaking, the throat- slitting, the fake specs ... why, he was just being charmingly multicultural! "I felt that he was trying to make the cultural leap from the country that he came from," she says. "I was attempting, in every manner I could, to help him make his relocation into our country as easy for him as I could." Unfortunately, his imaginative business plan for a crop-duster capable of crop-dusting Texas was frustrated by the unduly onerous restrictions and bureaucratic torpor of the USDA program. By late summer, Mr. Atta and his chums had concluded the government was never going to buy them their own twin-props and they'd have to make do with the aircraft that were already up there. So they switched their flight training courses from small planes to large jet simulators, and told their instructors to skip all that takeoff and landing stuff.

Ms. Bryant has come forward now because she thinks "it's very vital that the Americans realize that when these people come to the United States, they don't have a big 'T' on their forehead." No, indeed. In some cases, they have a big "T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T" flashing in neon off the end of their nose. Ten days ago, I pointed out that these fellows made virtually no effort to blend in. They weren't in "deep cover," they were barely covered at all. Atta was the brains of the operation, and he did a marginally better job of it than Leslie Nielsen would have. His one great insight into Western culture was his assumption that he could get a government grant to take out the Pentagon. Yet no matter how dumb he was, officialdom was always dumber

"If they watch this interview and they see the type of questions that Atta asked me," Ms. Bryant told ABC News, "then perhaps they will recognize a terrorist, and make the call that I didn't make." Meanwhile, here are some signs to look for:

1) He threatens to cut your throat.

2) He talks about the destruction of prominent landmarks.

3) He enquires about security at said landmarks.

4) He hails Osama bin Laden as a great leader.

There'll be more of these stories, tales of men virtually screaming their intentions but up against a culture sensitivity-trained into a coma. A stump- toothed Appalachian mountain man would get slung out on his ear if he was that misogynist and abusive in a government office. In a Hollywood movie, the guy refusing to deal with the little lady and demanding to see the real boss would be a sexist Republican Congressman. In the new motion-picture blockbuster The Sum Of All Fears, the Islamic terrorists of Tom Clancy's novel have been replaced with neo-Nazis -- a safe villain that won't offend our delicate multicultural sensibilities.

The good news is we're up against idiots. The bad news is we're also up against the suppler idiocies of current Western orthodoxy. Thus, the U.S. government's new plans to photograph and fingerprint visitors from countries "believed to harbour terrorists" have already been attacked by Mary Robinson, the UN Human Rights honcho who's never met an Arab dictator she didn't like. Islamists want to kill us in the name of Islam. Regrettable, but there it is. If we pretend otherwise, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Canadian Islamic Congress and the Islamic Society of Britain might be nice to us. But, speaking personally, I can't say I care. If Islamic lobby groups throughout the Western world really want to hitch their star to a bunch of psychopathic morons, good luck to them. It's a free country. Hey, we'll even give you a government grant to tell us how racist we are.

Focus: How liberal Britain let hate flourish - Sunday Times - Times Online

Here's an oldie but a goodie from February of this year, six months ago. One line sort of leaped out at me:

“Then I discovered how my brothers passed the day. Many were on benefits or living off charity so they could hang about discussing jihad all day. Whenever we were not praying, we were taken to watch TV. There were endless videos of mujaheddin activity around the globe."

This is, as they say, the root of the problem of jihadism in Britain. I'm an American, not a Brit of course, but one has to wonder exactly what kind of benefits this kind of monster (Abu Hamza) draws from the British government and how long it's been going on and how many families he's supporting on it? I think I heard that he's drawing like 4500 pounds every month, plus a housing allowance? For how long? Who knows, but like the jihadi's above, he has nothing to do all day but sit around and talk jihad to the other jihadi's.

Is it any wonder that London earned the sobriquet "Londonistan"?

Telegraph | News | University students at centre of terror plots

It looks like all western countries need to rethink their wide open admittance policies to their universities. Apparently 5 of the 24 in the airplane mass-murder plot as well as 2 of the 7/7 atrocity were connected to universities. We sponsor these murderers, educate them in the latest technologies while they're educating themselves in the oldest technologies of violent jihad.

Many of the terrorists who have caused so much murder in the past, have graduated with advanced degrees from American and European universities and colleges; educations they could never have even dreamed of in their native countries.

This group is no different; University Students at center of terror plots

A dossier of extremist Islamic literature has been uncovered by The Sunday Telegraph on the campus of a north London university, one of whose students has suspected links to the alleged terrorist attack.

-- Snip --

Extremist Muslim groups had been detected at more than 20 institutions, both former polytechnics and long-established universities, over the past 15 years, Prof Glees said.

Cassette tapes produced by al-Muhajiroun, the disbanded militant organisation that praised the "Magnificent 19" who carried out the September 11 2001 attacks, were also discovered at the university's portable buildings used as a prayer room and library.

Al-Muhajiroun was headed by Omar Bakri Mohammed, the radical London cleric

forced into exile in Lebanon last year. The portable buildings are on land owned by the university, which also part-funds the Islamic Society.

According to security sources, "several" of the 23 people still in custody over the alleged plot last week are suspected of links to universities, appearing to confirm growing fears that campuses are providing Britain's biggest security threat.

Telegraph | News | Terror police target 70 'plots'

Terror police target 70 'plots'
By John Steele, Toby Helm and David Derbyshire

(Filed: 14/08/2006)

More than 70 anti-terrorist investigations involving over 100 suspected Islamic extremists are under way in Britain in an operation unmatched even at the height of the IRA's mainland campaign.

Air travellers in th rain
Wish we weren't here: Air travellers wait in the rain at Heathrow after being prevented from checking in

John Reid, the Home Secretary, confirmed yesterday that police and security services were aware of about 24 "major conspiracies".

They are believed to be "multi-handed" terrorist plots, such as the alleged plan to blow up transatlantic airliners that led to the arrest of 24 people last Thursday.

Sources say that, on top of the inquiries confirmed by Mr Reid, up to 50 more are being conducted by anti-terrorist police, most of them involving Scotland Yard and MI5.

Some relate to fund-raising activity - aimed at Iraq or other foreign hot spots, as well as the UK - and intelligence-gathering, such as details of potential targets.

A significant amount of the activity involves internet communication between groups, often young Muslim men at college or university.

The total number of suspects in Britain has not been disclosed and security sources say it is often fluid.

Individuals sometimes drop in and out of suspect groups and, at times, obvious overlaps emerge between terrorist gangs.

"The numbers are very difficult," a source said. "Some may not be about to launch a bomb attack but may be suspected of background help."

Mr Reid told BBC News 24: "There would be more [plots] which are not at the centre of our considerations and there may be more that we don't know about at all."

He said that four major plots had been thwarted since the July 7 bombings in London last year in which 56 people died.

Mr Reid also disclosed that the al-Qa'eda threat to Britain dated from a planned attack on Birmingham which was thwarted in 2000.

For the fourth day, tightened security caused queues and chaos at airports.

A third of scheduled flights from Heathrow were cancelled and a fifth of flights are expected not to take off from the airport today. Some flights that escaped cancellation left virtually empty.

An estimated 20,000 to 25,000 passengers were prevented from checking in at Heathrow, although their planes were leaving on schedule, because the queues at security were too long. Delays at other airports were less severe.


Wilfully blind to terror's source

Wilfully blind to terror's source

National Post
Mon 14 Aug 2006
Page: A11
Section: Issues & Ideas
Byline: Lorne Gunter

In light of Thursday's thwarted terror plot to explode Transatlantic airliners, outbound from Britain to the United States, can we all now please stop pretending that the problem isn't the present state of Islamic culture?

For there to be enough Muslims terrorists to feed the manpower needs of the London plots (last week's, and last summer's 7/7 attack on the Underground and buses), the Toronto 17, the Miami 7, the Mumbai train explosions last month, the Afghan insurgency, the Iraq insurgency, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Islamic Jihadi, Madrid, Bali, Mogadishu, Chechnya, LAX, the Danish cartoon riots and so on, there must be literally millions of Muslims vehemently hateful of Western culture and democracy. Not every fanatic is capable of martyrdom, nor do martyrs operate alone ---there must be a vast network to produce and feed them.

To produce the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Muslims fighters and terrorists that exist worldwide, there must be millions more funnelling support and money, hateful preaching, deadly training, poisonous school lessons and so on into the tip who are the actual plotters and bombers.

Yet even as they announced the arrests of 24 middle-class British Muslims late this week, representatives of the British government and Scotland Yard assiduously avoided saying that any of the arrestees were followers of Islam, even though all were. Officials steadfastly referred to them as "British Asians," as if either their British-ness or Asian-ness was the cause of their desire to sneak explosives aboard 10 aircraft filled with civilian travellers and detonate them mid-flight.

They were not prepared to blow themselves up and take 200 or 300 innocent flyers with them because they were fanatical devotees of cricket, nor because they were worshippers of Vishnu, the Hindu god of creation.

Being British and Asian had almost nothing to do with their being suspected conspirators in the largest terror plot since 9/11.

It was the same in June when Canadian security forces arrested 17 Muslims plotting to attack targets in this country using fertilizer bombs and perhaps even kidnap the Prime Minister and saw off his head.

When announcing those arrests, Mike McDonell, an assistant commissioner of the RCMP, insisted -- in what may be the most politically correct whitewash in the history of Canadian policing -- that those in custody represented "the broad strata of our society. Some are students, some are employed, some are unemployed."

Yeah, sure. But all of them were Muslims, right?

And it was not their scholastic careers nor their employment status that compelled them to scheme to bring down the Peace Tower and CSIS's offices in Toronto.

For his part, too, Bill Blair, Toronto's police chief, boasted that "there was not one single reference made by law enforcement to 'Muslim' or 'Muslim community.'"

As if it were a good thing; as if it would help end terror for police to be wilfully blind to the source of the threat.

A story on British Muslims in Sunday's New York Times reported that 81% identify themselves as Muslims first and British second, with similar levels among Muslims in other Western nations. Even among Muslims not radical enough to be either bombers or their supporters -- among moderate Muslims -- Muslim-ness was more important than British-ness.

They would not identify themselves are "British Asians," so why should police and government ministers?


Yes, the problem is 'Islamic fascism' | Jerusalem Post

Yes, the problem is 'Islamic fascism'

It took President George W. Bush to tell the truth to Britain about the massive plot to blow US-bound airliners out of the sky. In his first comment on the apparently foiled attempt to explode airliners flying from Britain to the US, Bush put it simply: "This was a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists."

He is right. But in the early news reports in Britain the words "Islamist" or "Muslim" were hardly emphasized. Let alone "extremist" or the dread word "fascist." Instead the common code words on television were that the 24 men arrested were "British-born" and "of Pakistani origin."

No mention of their Islamist ideology. Did the BBC think they might turn out to be from Pakistan's embattled Christian minority? I don't think so.

In Europe the truth is so terrible that we are in denial. Perhaps it is understandable. We simply do not wish to face the fact that we really are threatened by a vast fifth column - that there are thousands of European-born people, in Britain, in France, in Holland, in Denmark, everywhere - who wish to destroy us. They are part of a wider war, what Tony Blair rightly calls an "arc of extremism" - Islamist extremism.

YOU SEE this denial in the coverage of Israel's war against Hizbullah.

Civilian deaths in Lebanon are utterly tragic. But if you watched only British television, particularly the BBC, you would be hard-pressed to understand that Israel has been forced into a war for its survival, one in which Iran has empowered its proxy, Hizbullah, to undertake the final solution of "the Zionist entity."

The fact that since Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon six years ago Hizbullah has been allowed to hijack the whole area to create a vast attack station whose purpose is only to destroy Israel, is taken for granted and certainly not shown to be a cause for opprobrium.

Protesters in London have been marching through the streets carrying banners proclaiming "We Are All Hizbullah Now."


News of the World - Online Edition

Personally, I found this article very scary. 30 "Priority" plots under investigation. This is above and beyond the little stuff. Heavens only knows how many are ongoing that the authorities have no idea of.

And in this airline plot, they got lucky and a British muslim came forward and reported it. Without that tip, they'd have no idea that this was happening.

Also, consider that the airplane mass-murder plot alone took 1500 people investigating it. This is a massive undertaking.

What follows are some selected snippets from the article.

BRITAIN is facing a horrifying Summer of War blitz from Muslim terrorists—and police fear last week's foiled airline plot was just the beginning.

The News of the World can reveal that security services are also secretly battling ANOTHER 30 Islamist murder plots.

Some are simple single-cell operations planning relatively small-scale atrocities.

But others are multi-cell groups plotting attacks of incredible complexity to rival or even surpass last week's 9/11-style operation to blast multiple airliners out of the air.

Last night one Whitehall source said: 'It will be impossible to stop them all. There WILL be another 7/7 style spectacular and there WILL be terrible loss of life.

'This is at nightmarish proportions. All we can do is our best and we'll stop most of them. But its impossible to believe we'll get them all.'

-- SNIP --

The sheer scale of what Britain faces has shocked officials made privy to intelligence reports. One Whitehall insider said: "It is dreadful. There are at least 30 PRIORITY cases being investigated as we speak quite apart from the airline plot.

"They range in size from single cells operating alone—perhaps three or four fanatics with their own plan.

"Elsewhere is what they call multi-cells which is whole groups of people, perhaps 20 or 30 strong, who are planning simply massive attacks."

"ALL those 30 are seen as serious, determined attacks by fanatics that will happen unless we stop them."

One Washington official said: "What's plain is the level of threat is absolutely dreadful."

Alton Towers calls off "Muslim Fun Day" - Yahoo! News

This is a followup to an older story. A couple planned to have their wedding reception at Alton Towers, then the park hit on the (bizarre) concept of "Muslim Fun Day". Suddenly, the bride and all of the females would have to wear chadors and all were to follow muslim laws for the wedding, even though the wedding had nothing at all to do with the muslim "celebration".

But obviously, fun has nothing to do with Islam since they couldn't sign up enough muslims to have any fun as follows.

Alton Towers calls off "Muslim Fun Day"

Wed Aug 2, 12:42 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's biggest theme park has called off the country's first "National Muslim Fun Day" because of lack of interest, the park said on Wednesday.

Alton Towers in Staffordshire was to open on September 17 for Muslims -- with halal food, a strict dress code and prayer areas.

Music, gambling and alcohol were to be banned for the day and theme park rides such as "Ripsaw", "Corkscrew" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" all segregated by sex.

But the park said the event's organisers, Islamic Leisure, who rented the park for the day and were marketing the event, had called it off due to "insufficient ticket sales".

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU to hold talks on UK jet 'plot'

EU to hold talks on UK jet 'plot'

The European Union will hold a meeting of aviation and security experts next week on the suspected plot to blow up planes that was uncovered in the UK.

Finland, which holds the rotating EU presidency, said the meeting was needed to discuss anti-terrorism measures.

The UK says 23 people are being held over the alleged plot to blow up several planes with liquid explosives.

France on Friday announced a temporary ban on liquids in hand luggage on flights to the US, UK and Israel.

'Mass murder'

Finnish State Secretary Kari Salmi said the meeting would be in Brussels although the exact date has not yet been set.

Mr Salmi said: 'The aim is that experts will go through the situation in aviation security. Are the regulations in place? Are communications, both on EU and national level synchronised?'

A statement from the Finnish presidency said another 'restricted' meeting was being considered of ministers responsible for internal security."

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU to hold talks on UK jet 'plot'

Homegrown terrorists puzzle Britain - Yahoo! News

By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press Writers Fri Aug 11, 5:33 PM ET

LONDON - One was an athletic teenager who had grown into a devout young man, another a soccer-loving convert to Islam. The youngest was 17, the oldest 35. Many were born in Britain and all were reared here.

As police held 23 young British Muslims accused of plotting devastating airline bombings, both the authorities and their neighbors sought Friday to understand how ordinary communities spawned a terrifying plot.

Police had arrested 24 people but late Friday Scotland Yard said one person was released without charge. It did not identify the person released.

Authorities have not identified suspects, but 19 names were made public Friday by the Treasury after the government froze their bank accounts. They have names of Muslim origin, including many that are common in Pakistan. At least 14 live in London, four in leafy High Wycombe, 30 miles away, and two in the central city of Birmingham.

It is unclear how the men met or who the ringleader is, although suspicion has fallen on the only one identified who is over 30 — Shamin Mohammed Uddin, 35, of east London.

The father of three of the arrested men, Faisal Hussain, collapsed into tears, telling Britain's ITV News that his sons — Nabeel, Umair and Mehran — weren't involved any plot.

"They went to prayer and they were Muslims, that is the only thing they were guilty of," he said through an interpreter in an interview broadcast Friday.

At least nine of the suspects lived in Walthamstow, a typically polyglot London neighborhood of modest brick houses and small apartment blocks, halal butchers, pubs and fast-food restaurants. It is an ethnically mixed community with a smattering of affluent professionals and a large Muslim population served by several mosques.

"Walthamstow's a happy, chilled-out community," said resident Hajra Mir. "We weren't expecting this."

That sense of shock was repeated across the neighborhood. Residents said it is a friendly, quiet area where people respect their neighbors. Several of the suspects had lived there for many years and attended local schools.

But several men from the neighborhood have been linked to the Saviour Sect — an offshoot of a disbanded radical Islamist group, al-Muhajiroun, which was based in nearby Tottenham and gained notoriety for praising the Sept. 11 hijackers.


Investigators Tracing Terror Plot Money Trail

Investigators Tracing Terror Plot Money Trail
Friday, August 11, 2006

LONDON — Investigators on three continents worked to fill in the full, frightening picture Friday of a plot to blow U.S. jetliners out of the Atlantic skies, tracking the money trail and seizing more alleged conspirators in the teeming towns of eastern Pakistan.

One arrested there, a Briton named Rashid Rauf, is believed to have been the operational planner and to have connections with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Pakistani and U.S. officials said.

British and Pakistani authorities have arrested as many as 41 people in the two countries in connection with the alleged suicidal plan, broken up by British police this week, to detonate disguised liquid explosives aboard as many as 10 planes bound from Britain to the United States.

"The terrorists intended a second Sept. 11," said Frances Fragos Townsend, White House homeland security adviser.

New information underlined how close they were to mounting attacks.

After the first arrests in Pakistan some days ago, word went from Pakistan to the London plotters to move ahead quickly, a message intercepted by an intelligence agency, a U.S. official disclosed on condition of anonymity. That prompted British police to move in on the conspirators, long under watch.

British Home Secretary John Reid told reporters officials were confident the main suspects in the plot were in custody. But authorities "would go where any further evidence takes us," he said.

"I think it's pretty clear that in this case, we don't have everybody," Townsend told The Associated Press in Washington.

The British government released the names of 19 of the 24 arrested in Britain — many apparently British Muslims of Pakistani ancestry — and froze their assets. One of the 24 detainees later was freed.

The record of financial transactions, along with telephone and computer records, may help investigators trace more people in the alleged plot.


The Blotter

The Blotter: "British Penetrate Terror Cell

August 10, 2006 9:06 PM

Brian Ross and Richard Esposito Report:

"Overt, the British called it, though they cracked it using covert means.

They had an undercover operative deep inside the group of at least 30 terrorists who had developed a simple, effective and potentially devastating plan to close the world's busiest airport, Heathrow, by carrying on small but deadly bombs concealed in sports drink containers and detonated by the flash of a disposable camera, intelligence and law enforcement officials told ABC News.

Even with an undercover operative on the inside, the British may not have known the full scope of the plot until it grew close to fruition, and authorities learned that the terrorists intended to assemble their bombs onboard at least six and as many as nine or 10 passenger jets that would depart from that airport. The goal was to deal out mass death and destruction and a crippling blow to Heathrow, a top al Qaeda target since September 11th.

The airlines targeted included United, Continental and American, and the cities to which flights would have headed included New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and Miami -- all spots popular with British tourists as well as with Americans returning from trips abroad, sources said.

The planes were not to be blown up as they arrived at the cities, but in mid flight." - Local News - Officials: Martyrdom Tape Found In Terror Plot

This mass-murder plot was where it all started. 24 people planning to bring down up to 10 planes. 10 still on the loose. 40 arrested in Italy and 7 in Pakistan. Gatorade sports drink bottles modified to hold a peroxide based liquid bomb that would be set off by a camera flash or mp3 player.

British police allegedly found the tape during raids that netted 24 people. More arrests are expected.

The terrorist attack foiled by British authorities on Thursday was aimed at blowing up as many as 10 airplanes on trans-Atlantic flights, and plotters had hoped to stage a dry run within two days, U.S. intelligence officials said. The actual attack, they said, was expected just days after that.

The officials said the test run was designed to see whether the plotters would be able to smuggle the needed materials aboard the planes. They spoke only on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject matter.

American law enforcement sources said terrorists planned to use a peroxide-based explosive that would have been detonated by power from a camera, a digital music player or other electronic device.

The plane bombings could have come just ahead of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks carried out by al-Qaida.

The details of the alleged plot surfaced as the administration posted a maximum code-red alert for passenger flights from England to the United States and banned liquids from all carry-on bags.

The security upgrade triggered long lines at airports across the country, and governors in at least two states activated National Guard troops to help provide protection.

"This was a well-advanced plan," Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told reporters as British authorities announced the arrests of 24 alleged plotters. "In some respects suggestive of an al-Qaida plot."

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said as many as 10 flights had been targeted.

Other officials said they were United, American and Continental Airlines routes from Britain to the major U.S. summer tourist destinations of New York, California and Washington, D.C. These officials declined to provide details on when the plotters intended to strike.

Virginia's deputy homeland security director, Steven Mondul, said that in a morning conference call, federal officials pointed to New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, Los Angeles International and Dulles Airport outside Washington as "major destinations for flights originating from the United Kingdom." No specific warnings were issued for these facilities, he added.

The red alert for flights from Britain was the first since the color-coded warning system was developed in the wake of the 2001 terror attacks. The decision to ban nearly all liquids from passenger cabins was reminiscent of the stringent rules imposed when planes were allowed back in the skies for the first time afterward the Sept. 11 attacks.