Monday, August 14, 2006

Focus: How liberal Britain let hate flourish - Sunday Times - Times Online

Here's an oldie but a goodie from February of this year, six months ago. One line sort of leaped out at me:

“Then I discovered how my brothers passed the day. Many were on benefits or living off charity so they could hang about discussing jihad all day. Whenever we were not praying, we were taken to watch TV. There were endless videos of mujaheddin activity around the globe."

This is, as they say, the root of the problem of jihadism in Britain. I'm an American, not a Brit of course, but one has to wonder exactly what kind of benefits this kind of monster (Abu Hamza) draws from the British government and how long it's been going on and how many families he's supporting on it? I think I heard that he's drawing like 4500 pounds every month, plus a housing allowance? For how long? Who knows, but like the jihadi's above, he has nothing to do all day but sit around and talk jihad to the other jihadi's.

Is it any wonder that London earned the sobriquet "Londonistan"?

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