Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BRIT 'BABY BOMB' BEASTS By ANDY SOLTIS - New York Post Online Edition: News

One must wonder if there is ANYTHING sacred to Muslims. Ambulances are used to transport murderers, Embassies are taken over and their ambassadors and staff are held, tortured and sometimes executed, Hospitals and daycare centers are used for weapon storage, even their own children, let alone children of infidels are not sacred to them.

I can't think of a law of man or God that these people haven't broken from kidnapping, murder, genocide and other crimes against humanity, arson, rape, torture, extortion, drug running, gun running - the list goes on and on and on, and all with the Ummah's blessing and cheers.

What the outwardly normal couple had secretly plotted is almost too horrifying to consider, cops said.

The Alis planned to use 6-month-old son Zain's baby bottle as a liquid bomb, blowing themselves and their child up, along with hundreds of others aboard the flight.

Cossar was allowed to bring Zain to a police station house so she could breast-feed him there. The baby was later turned over to her grandparents.

To their stunned friends and neighbors in a housing project in north London, the Alis were known as quiet, struggling parents and observant Muslims who showed no signs of terror ties.

"Cossor was not someone I had an argument with, never any problems," said a shocked Bronwene Hammond, who attended London's Walthamstow School for Girls with her.

"She would wear the full Muslim outfit because of her parents, but she was never preaching," Hammond told The Mail on Sunday. "There were a lot more religious people at school."

But British security experts suspect that Cossor Ali is an example of a chilling phenomenon that is growing in popularity among the terror set - a woman willing to use her innocent appearance to allay suspicions and carry out a suicide bombing. At least 20 Muslim women have blown themselves up in such attacks.

Particularly disturbing was Cossor Ali's apparent intent to conceal the liquid trigger for a bomb in Zain's baby bottle when the family boarded a jetliner.

"It may be beyond belief, but we are convinced that there are now women in Britain who are prepared to die with their babies for their twisted cause," a security adviser to the British government told The Times of London.

"They are ruthless, single-minded and totally committed."

Cossor, a British citizen like her husband, lived with her parents and two older sisters before marrying Ali three years ago.

The couple moved into the project and were receiving government assistance.

I truly wonder if the governments and people of Europe will ever catch onto the fact that they are actually PAYING these "people" to murder their native population. The poor natives are chained to a desk 8-12 hours a day and the taxes they pay go to support these murderous jihadi scum whose only aim is to murder the taxpayers. Talk about taking out a contract on yourself!

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