Monday, August 14, 2006

Telegraph | News | University students at centre of terror plots

It looks like all western countries need to rethink their wide open admittance policies to their universities. Apparently 5 of the 24 in the airplane mass-murder plot as well as 2 of the 7/7 atrocity were connected to universities. We sponsor these murderers, educate them in the latest technologies while they're educating themselves in the oldest technologies of violent jihad.

Many of the terrorists who have caused so much murder in the past, have graduated with advanced degrees from American and European universities and colleges; educations they could never have even dreamed of in their native countries.

This group is no different; University Students at center of terror plots

A dossier of extremist Islamic literature has been uncovered by The Sunday Telegraph on the campus of a north London university, one of whose students has suspected links to the alleged terrorist attack.

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Extremist Muslim groups had been detected at more than 20 institutions, both former polytechnics and long-established universities, over the past 15 years, Prof Glees said.

Cassette tapes produced by al-Muhajiroun, the disbanded militant organisation that praised the "Magnificent 19" who carried out the September 11 2001 attacks, were also discovered at the university's portable buildings used as a prayer room and library.

Al-Muhajiroun was headed by Omar Bakri Mohammed, the radical London cleric

forced into exile in Lebanon last year. The portable buildings are on land owned by the university, which also part-funds the Islamic Society.

According to security sources, "several" of the 23 people still in custody over the alleged plot last week are suspected of links to universities, appearing to confirm growing fears that campuses are providing Britain's biggest security threat.

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