Monday, August 14, 2006

News of the World - Online Edition

Personally, I found this article very scary. 30 "Priority" plots under investigation. This is above and beyond the little stuff. Heavens only knows how many are ongoing that the authorities have no idea of.

And in this airline plot, they got lucky and a British muslim came forward and reported it. Without that tip, they'd have no idea that this was happening.

Also, consider that the airplane mass-murder plot alone took 1500 people investigating it. This is a massive undertaking.

What follows are some selected snippets from the article.

BRITAIN is facing a horrifying Summer of War blitz from Muslim terrorists—and police fear last week's foiled airline plot was just the beginning.

The News of the World can reveal that security services are also secretly battling ANOTHER 30 Islamist murder plots.

Some are simple single-cell operations planning relatively small-scale atrocities.

But others are multi-cell groups plotting attacks of incredible complexity to rival or even surpass last week's 9/11-style operation to blast multiple airliners out of the air.

Last night one Whitehall source said: 'It will be impossible to stop them all. There WILL be another 7/7 style spectacular and there WILL be terrible loss of life.

'This is at nightmarish proportions. All we can do is our best and we'll stop most of them. But its impossible to believe we'll get them all.'

-- SNIP --

The sheer scale of what Britain faces has shocked officials made privy to intelligence reports. One Whitehall insider said: "It is dreadful. There are at least 30 PRIORITY cases being investigated as we speak quite apart from the airline plot.

"They range in size from single cells operating alone—perhaps three or four fanatics with their own plan.

"Elsewhere is what they call multi-cells which is whole groups of people, perhaps 20 or 30 strong, who are planning simply massive attacks."

"ALL those 30 are seen as serious, determined attacks by fanatics that will happen unless we stop them."

One Washington official said: "What's plain is the level of threat is absolutely dreadful."

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