Saturday, August 19, 2006

Police detain suspect in July bomb plot-report | World News |

I generally try and keep up with the news as much as one man can, but this one completely slipped by me. A bomb plot on trains in Germany? Hmmm. The last sentence is of particular note:

The explosives had been ignited but failed to detonate.

BERLIN (Reuters) - German security forces have taken into custody a suspect linked to last month's failed plot to explode bombs on German trains, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

In a preview of an article to appear in Bild am Sonntag on Sunday, the paper cited security sources as saying one of two suspects in the case had been seized in the northern city of Kiel and was being questioned by police.

Earlier on Saturday, the train station in Kiel was shut down for five hours. Police said the move was linked to the investigation into two bombs that were discovered in abandoned suitcases on trains in Dortmund and Koblenz last month."

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