Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Iran 'obtained German guidance gear for drones'

Here again we see Europe assisting Iran and their proxy Hezb'Allah in their mission to kill Jews wholesale. Why this is not considered genocide is beyond me. Trying to wipe a whole people off the map and out of life is most certainly a crime against humanity.

And Europe is complicit in it. Both with equipment funneled through Iran and cash payments for "humanitarian" assistance to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. All of these groups' avowed aims are to kill every Jew in Israel and I personally consider Europe to be an accessory to this GENOCIDE!

DUSSELDORF - Iran has obtained German guidance gear for its drones, a prosecutor disclosed in Dusseldorf Monday, just hours after the revelation that Britain had supplied night-vision equipment to Iran which ended up in the hands of Hezbollah fighters.

Johannes Mocken, the prosecutor in Dusseldorf, said Tehran had obtained the global positioning systems (GPS) through Iranian merchants living in Germany.

The delivery was first reported by a German television current-affairs programme, Fakt, which said seven German-made systems were exported but German authorities managed to stop three more.

The systems use signals from satellites to help fly unmanned aircraft. Hezbollah deployed several drones of unknown origin in its recent month of fighting with Israel.

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