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Tolerance tested in Holland - The Washington Times: World - December 20, 2004

Tolerance tested in Holland - The Washington Times: World - December 20, 2004

Said Mr. Wilders: "In the last 30 years, the Netherlands population has grown from 13 million to 16 million, about 25 percent, but the immigrant population has grown from 160,000 to 1.6 million — 1,000 percent. Ninety percent of our prison population is immigrants."

"[Immigrants] are the most dependent on our [welfare] schemes. They are non-Westerners and not speaking our language," he said.

"In the next [few] years, 75 percent of our population growth will be non-Western immigrants; only 8 percent will be native Dutch. This is fact, not opinion," he said, dismissing a somewhat different picture that emerges from official statistics posted on government Web sites.

For example, Netherlands' Central Statistical Office shows that about 50 percent, not 90 percent, of the prison population is foreign.

And Mr. Wilders' 1.6 million figure can only be reached by including second- and third-generation children of immigrants, who were born in Holland and are citizens — individuals who would never be considered foreign in the United States.

Nevertheless, the thrust of his argument is gospel for Dutch immigration reformers.


Meanwhile, the population of immigrants, their children and grandchildren is becoming politically active.

"I am not a guest in the Netherlands, and I will not act like a guest, asking permission in someone else's home to sit here or move the furniture there. I was born here. I am a citizen," said Nabil Marmouch, the Dutch-Moroccan head of the Netherlands' Arab-European League, a political action group that plans to field candidates in upcoming elections.

"[Muslims] have nothing to be ashamed of. We can be proud of our religion, our culture, our traditions. We do not have to assimilate or integrate. ... We do have to act like responsible citizens, obey the laws and get involved in the political process," Mr. Marmouch said.

Like other Muslim organizations, he condemned the killing of Mr. van Gogh, but dismissed Mr. Wilders' bodyguards as a "fashion statement" designed to create fear of Muslims and draw attention to his anti-immigration politics.

Some say that the real lesson of Mr. Fortuyn was "kill the heretic, adopt the heresy" as the mainstream parties, including the VVD, scrambled to adopt the Fortuyn prescriptions.

In the days after the van Gogh killing, Mr. Fortuyn was named one of the most important persons in Dutch history, outpolling Vincent van Gogh (of whose brother the slain filmmaker was the great-grandson) and Rembrandt, philosopher Desiderius Erasmus and Anne Frank, who was not Dutch, but a German asylum seeker.

"The VVD understood that you can win an enormous amount of votes playing the migration and integration card," said Rinus Penninx of the University of Amsterdam's Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies.



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Holland Daze

Holland Daze


THE SMALL CITY of Schiedam, on the Nieuwe Maas river near Rotterdam, has played a big role in the Dutch imagination of late. Five years ago, the historian/journalist Geert Mak entranced the country with a long narrative called My Father's Century. It is still in bookshop windows and is now in its 27th printing. It begins in Mak's great-grandparents' sail-making business in Schiedam, and follows the lives of his family members as they collide with Dutch history in the twentieth century: the Dutch Reformed faith they drifted in and out of, the herring they ate, how much money they made, what it felt like to live under Nazi occupation, their shyness (or boldness) about sex, the jokes they told, and how they faced the 1960s. The book consoled Dutch people that however tumultuous the changes the 20th century had wrought, there was an ineffable 'Dutchness' that somehow perdured. Schiedam played the role in the Dutch imagination that Macomb County, Michigan, or Luckenbach, Texas, did in the American imagination in the mid-1980s: You could look there to see how the 'real' people in the country lived.

Early this month, another Schiedam native, a 30-year-old man known in his police dossier as Farid A., was found guilty of issuing death threats over the Internet. When the conservative Dutch politician Geert Wilders described Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat last year as a "terrorist leader," Farid A. posted a picture of him on an Islamist website urging: "Wilders must be punished with death for his fascistic comments about Islam, Muslims, and the Palestinian cause." That was a year ago, and since then, Wilders has done even more to tick off Muslim radicals. He left the conservative Freedom and Democracy People's party (VVD) after a personal spat with the party leadership, promising to launch his own "Geert Wilders List," along the lines of the one-person movement that turned the gay populist Pim Fortuyn into the most popular politician in the Netherlands in early 2002. Wilders has focused on Turkey, crime, and the unsustainability of high immigration. He has warned that many of the more than 1 million Muslims who live in the Netherlands "have already opted for radical Islam," and has urged closing extremist mosques.

There is a market for his forthrightness. In early November, a poll in the left-leaning daily de Volkskrant showed that Wilders could win several hundred thousand votes, which would translate into nine seats in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of the national legislature. When the gadfly filmmaker Theo van Gogh was shot and knifed in southeastern Amsterdam on November 2, the letter that his killer pinned with a knife to his corpse contained a promise to do the same to the Somali-born feminist VVD member of parliament Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Wilders got similar threats shortly thereafter. There were two results for Wilders. First, his popularity shot through the roof: A second poll in de Volkskrant showed Wilders would now win almost 2 million voters, taking 28 seats, or a fifth of the parliament, and that he was drawing support across party lines and in every single sector of Dutch society, despite--or perhaps because of--perceptions that he is a single-issue candidate.


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Terror suspects arrested at nuclear power station

Terror suspects arrested at nuclear power station

16 December 2004

GUADALAJARA- Two men suspected of Islamic terrorist links arrested this week in Spain were arrested near a nuclear-powered electricity-generating plant, authorities said.

Officials in the central region of Guadalajara said on 30 September that a police patrol stopped and briefly questioned Moroccan Mohamed El Ouazzani and Moroccan-born Khalid Zeimi Pardo close to the Zorita nuclear power plant.

The men were asked for their papers at the time, and after it was confirmed that they were in the country legally and had no criminal records, were let go.

Ouazzani and Zeimi Pardo were among five men arrested Tuesday in three Spanish cities in connection with investigations
into the bombings of trains in Madrid last March.

Zeimi Pardo, who has Spanish citizenship, is expected to be questioned on Thursday by an investigating magistrate.

Police claim that Zeimi Pardo was a close friend of Serhane Ben Abdelmajid, 'The Tunisian,' who committed suicide in April in the Leganes section of Madrid, and others linked to the 11 March.

The arrests on Tuesday came in the course of 'Operation Nova,' which, in two previous phases, managed to dismantle several terrorist cells that were planning to attack the National Court complex in Madrid, among other targets.

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How Europe became Eurabia - Bat Yeor

How Europe Became Eurabia

How Europe Became Eurabia
By Bat Ye’or | July 27, 2004

Last Tuesday, the 25 nations of the European Union (EU) voted unanimously to support a United Nations Resolution condemning Israel’s defensive fence (ignoring that this barrier was constructed to keep jihadist murderers from entering the nation via Judea and Samaria). The EU’s craven, morally bankrupt stance was sadly consistent with Eurabian policies evident now for three decades. In fact, the EU has been completing a slow metamorphasis into the "Christian" arm of the Pan-Arab world, different in religious observation (or lack of same) but united in its views of Israel and America.

The European Community (EC), and later the EU, has been aligned with Arab policy regarding Israel and the United States since its June 1977 declaration. Disruption of the Western alliance by separating Europe from America, and the piecemeal destruction of Israel were the pillars of the Euro-Arab alliance that gave birth to Eurabia. The formation of this tactical alliance can be traced clearly to a document issued 24 years ago. Prompted by fears of Khomeini's Shi’ite theocracy in Iran, international Arab terrorism and the rise of oil prices, the EC adopted the 1980 Venice Declaration. This declaration made clear that the EC, under French leadership, had adopted Pan-Arab conditions regarding Israel without qualification, including: the 1949 armistice as Israel’s legitimate borders; Arab sovereignty over East Jerusalem; an Arab Palestinian state; the recognition of the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinians, as well as its participation in all negotiations, and the obligation of Israel to negotiate with Arafat, exclusively; and the refusal to recognize a separate peace between Israel and any Arab country, for the resolution of the "Palestinian problem." By adopting all those conditions (which contradicted UN Resolution 242) Europeans could in turn justify their ahistorical designation of Judea and Samaria as occupied Arab land. Ultimately, the entire European effort to delegitimize and vilify Israel hinges upon this inaccurate, disingenuous formulation. In the 1970s and 80s, the Communist bloc and the burgeoning Euro-Arab alliance granted international legitimacy to the denial of Israel’s rights by the PLO. France, and to a lesser extent Germany, directed the entire European Community foreign policy in accord with Arab-Islamic sentiments. A careful reading of the Venice Declaration (1980), the Fez Islamic Conference (1980), the Amman Arab Summit (1980), and the Taif-Mecca Islamic Summit (1981) reveals the similarities between the European and Arab positions in relation to Israel. Europe’s modified wording is just a fig-leaf.

This subterfuge allows the EU to pose as a “neutral” agent between Israel and the Arab world and to retain a role in the peace-for-terrorists-process. At the Durban circus in September 2001, European representatives tried in vain to conceal the anti-American and anti-Semitic animus that permeates Eurabian policies, most visibly through the collusion of Eurabian and Arab NGOs. And again, during the recently completed International Court of Justice proceedings in The Hague, Eurabian judges employed similar tactics but joined their colleagues from the Muslim world in finding Israel’s anti-terrorist barrier “illegal” (and thus denying the Jewish state its legal right to self-defense).

Beyond a fleeting awareness, the overwhelming majority of Europeans and Americans do not understand the new Eurabian entity, which only the first step in a steady progression toward its Arabization and Islamization. Europe has evolved from a Judeo-Christian civilization, with important post-Enlightenment/secular elements, to a "civilization of dhimmitude," i.e., Eurabia: a secular-Muslim transitional society with its traditional Judeo-Christian mores rapidly disappearing.

How Europe Became Eurabia

Daily Times (Pak) - Islamist extremism in Europe greatest danger

Daily Times - Site Edition

Islamist extremism in Europe greatest danger

By Khalid Hasan

WASHINGTON: The greatest danger to the West from Islamist extremists is now centred in Europe, not the Middle East, according to two experts.

A panel discussion held at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which featured Martin Walker, chief editor of UPI, and Marc Ginsberg, a former US ambassador, was moderated by Arnaud de Borchgrave, who frequently writes on the subject of Islamist extremism.

Ginsberg said that extremist Islamist “sleeper cells” were “rampant” not only in Europe but the US as well. Funds were not a problem. Money came not only from the Saudis but through the mosque network. These cells moved from country to country as the Hamburg cell that did the final planning for the 9/11 attacks had shown. However, there was a lack of coordination between European governments; their joint efforts could best be described as “tepid”. He said the three suspects in the Madrid train bombings had been known to the European police for many years and yet they had been able to mount the attack. There had been 10 terrorist attacks in Europe since 9/11, he stated. There was a new breed of Islamist terrorist abroad. He spoke about the Takfeeri Movement in Morocco and how it has joined hands with al Qaeda. These people believed in all-out jihad. Mohammad Ata, he said, was a Takfeeri, a cult that was very strong in Northern Morocco. It had since spread its tentacles in Europe and beyond. Its operatives did not wear beards and derived a good deal of their finances from petty crime, including the use of women. They were hard to locate as they had made deep penetration into Western life. The Takfeeri and the Salafi movements had linked up in Europe, he disclosed.

Martin Walker, formerly of the Guardian, London, said if Turkey got admitted to the European Union, the number of Muslims in Europe would jump from three percent to 20 percent which would have a dramatic political and social impact on the Continent. While most European Muslims were reasonable people, he said, and “EuroIslam” was liberal and democratic, the extremist elements had a very different worldview and a very different agenda. He said the increase in Muslim populations in Europe had serious implications. For instance, even today there were 72 Labour Party seats in Britain that were dependent on the Pakistani and Bangladeshi vote. In France, the French Socialist Party was out to woo the Muslim vote in order to win seats. The number of conversions to Islam in European prisons was on the rise and in Holland there was a “state of incipient civil war,” as one Dutch writer had put it. It was clear, he said, that the ideal of multicultural Europe had come unstuck. It was a policy failure. He said Muslim customs, such as “honour killings,” had been reported from different European countries, a large percentage of them from Britain. In the last 10 years, there had been 110 “honour killings” in Britain, according to British authorities. He said the Tableeghi Jamaat was active in Europe.

The two presentations were followed by a question-answer session in the course of which Ginsberg said that Iraq was now seen by the jihadis as the “second Afghanistan”. The flow of money into Europe for these elements was “staggering.” According to his count, 55 new terrorist cells had come up in the Middle East and Europe since the invasion of Iraq. He said another area of concern was “cyber-terrorism”. He was also afraid that the “Takfeeri model” would be adopted in Europe and it would ultimately be carried to the United States. Walker agreed and called the situation “serious.” He said there were “no-go areas” in European cities where Islamic mafias ruled. He said the “challenge” of Islam should be met by the West in the same way as it had met the challenge of communism during the Cold War. The struggle should also be taken to the cultural and economic front with the help of moderate Muslims, but there should be no “clash of civilisations.” He said that there had been a 30 to 50 percent increase in Muslim populations in Europe and the most popular name for newborn babies in Europe now was Muhammad. By 2030 or 2040, the number of Muslims in Europe would be formidable and the “underclass” would have taken over by outbreeding white Europeans. He said Muslims had not assimilated well in European society and few of them, for instance, cared to join the police or the armed forces of their countries of adoption.


French-Algerian believed to be leading insurgency group in Iraq: officials

French-Algerian believed to be leading insurgency group in Iraq: officials

Received Wednesday, 15 December 2004 18:28:00 GMT

PARIS, Dec 15 (AFP) - A French-Algerian man is believed to be leading an Islamic insurgency group of around 20 combatants in Iraq against US-led forces there, French intelligence officials said Wednesday.

The suspect, identified as Fawzi D., was thought to have left his family in western France to go to Iraq via Syria in the middle of 2004, France's foreign intelligence service, the DGSE, said, confirming a report in Le Monde newspaper.

'There are no more than around a dozen French citizens' in Iraq fighting alongside insurgents there, an anti-terrorist official said, adding that some of them were thought to be in Fawzi D.'s group.

Most or all had Arab north African background and some had been schooled in radical Islam in French mosques, officials said.

[Getting training for the future of France??]


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Returning jihadis new risk for Europe - (United Press International)

Returning jihadis new risk for Europe - (United Press International)

Returning jihadis new risk for Europe

Paris, France, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- As many as 7,500 foreign jihadi fighters could have joined the anti-U.S. resistance in Iraq, a well-informed French intelligence source told UPI.

Reports that many of them may be heading back to Europe are raising concerns.

Claude Moniquet of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center in Brussels, who monitors Islamist terrorism, told UPI the Europeans are not adequately prepared to handle the influx.

The former jihadis -- now armed with hardened combat experience -- may become members of active or sleeper cells on which al-Qaida could call for future terrorist operations in Europe.


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Scotland on Sunday - UK - Mosques 'security threat'

Scotland on Sunday - UK - Mosques 'security threat'

Scotland on Sunday
Sun 12 Dec 2004
Mosques 'security threat'

SURVEILLANCE of mosques must be stepped up to combat terrorism, security experts have advised European leaders ahead of this week’s EU summit in Brussels.

Security services have told ministers there needs to be an increase in intelligence-gathering around places of worship in order to head off Muslim extremists seeking terrorist recruits.

A report from the EU’s Counter Terrorism Group and the EU Police Chiefs Task Force claims that the main international terrorist threat faced by Europe is that of Islamic fundamentalism and says that Eurpol, the European police agency, needs to undertake more profiling of Muslim extremists.

But Muslim leaders have warned the controversial plan risks alienating their communities.


Telegraph | Exodus as Dutch middle class seek new life

Telegraph | Exodus as Dutch middle class seek new life

For years Holland was celebrated as a symbol of racial tolerance. But two high-profile murders have changed all that, reports Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Escaping the stress of clogged roads, street violence and loss of faith in Holland's once celebrated way of life, the Dutch middle classes are leaving the country in droves for the first time in living memory.

The new wave of educated migrants are quietly voting with their feet against a multicultural experiment long touted as a model for the world, but increasingly a warning of how good intentions can go wrong.

Australia, Canada and New Zealand are the pin-up countries for those craving the great outdoors and old-fashioned civility.

The illusion that all was well in the Netherlands died in May 2002 when Pim Fortuyn, the shaven-headed, gay populist, was shot by a Left-wing activist in the country's first political assassination since 1584.

Fulminating home truths than nobody else dared utter, Fortuyn swept on to the political stage protesting that Europe's most densely-populated country was full to bursting point, and that Muslim immigration, leavened with Salafist extremism, had reached a level where it was starting to destabilise Dutch society itself. His movement won more seats than the ruling Labour party in the 2002 elections.

Theo van Gogh, his friend and disciple, was next. The mischievous film-maker had his throat cut by an Islamic fanatic last month as he bicycled to work through the heart of Amsterdam, punished for a film about repression of women in the Muslim world.

A shrill provocateur, Mr van Gogh was not to everybody's taste. He once filmed kittens being mangled to death in a washing machine, which he thought was hilarious.

But his ritual execution, apparently by an Islamist hit squad, has shocked the country. Two leading MPs known to be targets are in hiding. The political class has been chilled to the bone, while white gangs have firebombed or attacked around 20 mosques and Islamic centres. "This was our 9/11. It was the moment the Netherlands lost its naivety. We always thought that we were the country of multicultural tolerance that could do no wrong," said Prof Han Entzinger of Rotterdam University.

Frans Buysse, the head of Buysse Immigration Consultancy, said he received more than 13,000 hits on his emigration website in November, four times the usual level. His office in Culemburg is flooded with fresh applications.

"Van Gogh's death was a confirmation for them of what they already sensed was happening," he said. "They're accountants, teachers, nurses, businessmen and bricklayers, from all walks of life. They see things going on every day in this country that are quite unbelievable. They see no clear message from the government, and they are afraid it's becoming irreversible, that's why they are leaving.


Pizza courier 'targeted' Amsterdam sex zone

Pizza courier 'targeted' Amsterdam sex zone

Pizza courier 'targeted' Amsterdam sex zone

10 December 2004

AMSTERDAM — Justice authorities arrested a Moroccan man last month after receiving a tip-off that Islamic extremists were allegedly planning an attack on the Red Light District in Amsterdam, it was reported on Friday.

The pizza-delivery courier allegedly conducted reconnaissance of the capital's prostitution zone while riding through the area during work hours on his scooter. He was arrested on 5 November. Newspaper De Telegraaf described him as a "radical Moroccan pizza deliverer".

The National Detectives Unit was alerted to the supposed attack plan by three anonymous emails, the first of which was received on 14 September. Emails dated 27
September and 11 October gave further details of the suspects and addresses.

The emails warned that "terrorists in Amsterdam East" were plotting an attack on the Wallen area in Amsterdam, De Telegraaf reported. Muslim extremists, the paper said, were allegedly furious at the lack of morals in the prostitution zone.

Justice authorities took the tips very seriously and arrested the pizza deliverer at the Nasr mosque in the Celebesstraat in Amsterdam East. The man has been identified as a 20-year-old Amsterdam resident of Moroccan descent, Bilal L., alias Abu Qataadah.

L. was allegedly in contact with Syrian Redouan al-Issa, the fugitive leader of the terror network Hofstadgroep (Main City Group). The Syrian was an illegal immigrant in the Netherlands and gave Koran lessons in the home of Mohammed B., the suspected murderer of filmmaker Theo van Gogh. B. is also a member of the Main City Group.

The emails claimed the Syrian was involved in the plans to attack the Red Light District, while another target was the Dutch Parliament in The Hague. L. is alleged to have bought equipment needed to carry out the attack.


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Telegraph | News | Dutch desert their changing country

Telegraph | News | Dutch desert their changing country

Dutch desert their changing country
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The Hague
(Filed: 11/12/2004)

An exodus of native-born Dutch in search of a new life abroad has reversed immigration flows for the first time since the post-war era.

Last year more people left the Netherlands than arrived as migrants or asylum seekers, even though unemployment remains low at 4.7 percent and per capita income is higher than any major country in Europe.

Ellen and Peter Bles
Ellen and Peter Bles are planning to leave their home near Tilburg for Perth, Western Australia

Lawyers, accountants, computer specialist, nurses, and businessmen are lining up for visas to the English-speaking world, looking to Australia, New Zealand and Canada as orderly societies where people have the space to breathe.

The new wave of 'middle-class flight' has quickened this year following rising ethnic violence and crime committed by and against immigrants, and in response to fears that social order is breaking down. In the first six months there was a net outflow of 13,313 people.

They are disengaging from a multicultural experiment once hailed as the model for the world but now stretched to breaking point. They are also escaping traffic jams and chronic over-crowding.

Requests for visa information have exploded since the murder of Theo van Gogh, a Dutch film-maker and acerbic critic of Muslim views on women.

An all-party report by the Dutch parliament this year concluded that the country's immigration policy had been a failure, leading to sink schools and ethnic ghettoes.

The Netherlands has been transformed in barely 30 years from a tight-knit Christian society into a polyethnic state, with three million people of immigrant background.

Telegraph | News | Dutch desert their changing country - Terrorists using cash machines to fund networks - Terrorists using cash machines to fund networks

Dec. 10, 2004, 9:46AM

Terrorists using cash machine scheme to fund networks
French judge says the Caucasus is al-Qaida's key training ground

Associated Press

PARIS - Radical Islamic cells in Europe are using an ingenious way to finance terrorist networks that's virtually impossible to trace: withdrawing hundreds of thousands of dollars a month from cash machines with fake credit cards, according to France's top anti-terrorism judge.

Jean-Louis Bruguiere, who's been at the forefront of the fight against terrorism for 20 years, said the Caucasus has replaced Afghanistan as a key militant training ground for Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network and other groups around the world.

Bruguiere said militant financing networks are small, scattered around the world and represent millions of dollars in fund-raising for terrorists.

The judge said authorities caught on to the cash-machine scheme two years ago when investigators uncovered one such financing cell operating in France.

Ten suspected Islamic militants were withdrawing more than $100,000 a month from cash machines in other European countries, where they were arrested.

"The (Islamic) European networks finance themselves primarily through microfinancing systems — criminal activity that is very profitable," he said Wednesday.

Judges who specialize in financial crimes are trained only in macrofinancing investigations — large sums involving banks, Bruguiere said. Therefore, little attention has been paid to this "fraudulent use of bank cards," the judge said. "So it is very difficult to catch."

Bruguiere said he calls the cards "clones."

The technique appears to be similar to a sophisticated electronic scam that involved cash machines in Britain in March. There, police found cloning devices attached to the machines.

The device, which is attached to the card slot of the machine, works by recording the details on the magnetic stripe of the card as it passes through.

In the case of the Islamic militant cells, Bruguiere said they also purchase electronic equipment and resell it to help finance "large operations," although he wouldn't say what terrorist attacks might have been paid for through such financing schemes.

In March, France launched a judicial investigation after a cash-machine technician was accused of faking a robbery to help fund a Moroccan network.


The Ents of Europe

Victor Davis Hanson on Europe on National Review Online

December 10, 2004, 8:41 a.m.
The Ents of Europe
Strange rumblings on the continent.

One of the many wondrous peoples that poured forth from the rich imagination of the late J. R. R. Tolkien were the Ents. These tree-like creatures, agonizingly slow and covered with mossy bark, nursed themselves on tales of past glory while their numbers dwindled in their isolation. Unable to reproduce themselves or to fathom the evil outside their peaceful forest — and careful to keep to themselves and avoid reacting to provocation of the tree-cutters and forest burners — they assumed they would be given a pass from the upheavals of Middle Earth.

But with the sudden arrival of two volatile hobbits, the nearby evils of timber-cutting, industrial devilry, and mass murder became too much for the Ents to stomach. They finally "wake up" (literally). Then they go on the offensive — and are amazed at the power they still wield in destroying Saruman's empire.

For Tolkien, who wrote in a post-imperial Britain bled white from stopping Prussian militarism and Hitler's Nazism, only to then witness the rise of the more numerous, wealthier, and crasser Americans, such specters were haunting. Indeed, there are variants of the Ent theme throughout Tolkien's novels, from the dormant Riders of Rohan — whose king was exorcised from his dotage and rallied the realm's dwindling cavalry to recover lost glory and save the West — to the hobbits themselves.

The latter, protected by slurred "Rangers," live blissfully unaware that radical changes in the world have brought evil incarnate to their very doorstep. Then to their amazement they discover that of all people, a hobbit rises to the occasion, and really does stand up well when confronted with apparently far more powerful and evil adversaries. The entire novel is full of such folk — the oath-breaking Dead who come alive to honor their once-broken pact, or the now-fallen and impotent High Elves who nevertheless do their part in the inevitable war to come.

Tolkien always denied an allegorical motif or any allusions to the contemporary dangers of appeasement or the leveling effects of modernism. And scholars bicker over whether he was lamenting the end of the old England, old Europe, or the old West — in the face of the American democratic colossus, the Soviet Union's tentacles, or the un-chivalrous age of the bomb. But the notion of decline, past glory, and 11th-hour reawakening are nevertheless everywhere in the English philologist's Lord of the Rings. Was he on to something?

More specifically, does the Ents analogy work for present-day Europe? Before you laugh at the silly comparison, remember that the Western military tradition is European. Today the continent is unarmed and weak, but deep within its collective mind and spirit still reside the ability to field technologically sophisticated and highly disciplined forces — if it were ever to really feel threatened. One murder began to arouse the Dutch; what would 3,000 dead and a toppled Eiffel Tower do to the French? Or how would the Italians take to a plane stuck into the dome of St. Peter? We are nursed now on the spectacle of Iranian mullahs, with their bought weapons and foreign-produced oil wealth, humiliating a convoy of European delegates begging and cajoling them not to make bombs — or at least to point what bombs they make at Israel and not at Berlin or Paris. But it was not always the case, and may not always be.

The Netherlands was a litmus test for Europe. Unlike Spain or Greece, which had historical grievances against Islam, the Dutch were the avatars of the new liberal Europe, without historical baggage. They were eager to unshackle Europe from the Church, from its class and gender constraints, and from any whiff of its racist or colonialist past. True, for a variety of reasons, Amsterdam may be a case study of how wrong Rousseau was about natural man, but for a Muslim immigrant the country was about as hospitable a foreign host as one can imagine. Thus, it was far safer for radical Islamic fascists to damn the West openly from a mosque in Rotterdam than for a moderate Christian to quietly worship in a church in Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Algeria. And yet we learn not just that the Netherlands has fostered a radical sect of Muslims who will kill and bomb, but, far more importantly, that they will do so after years of residency among, and indeed in utter contempt of, their Western hosts.

Things are no less humiliating — or dangerous — in France. Thousands of unassimilated Muslims mock French society. Yet their fury shapes its foreign policy to the degree that Jacques Chirac sent a government plane to sweep up a dying Arafat. But then what do we expect from a country that enriched Hamas, let Mrs. Arafat spend her husband's embezzled millions under its nose, gave Khomeini the sanctuary needed to destroy Iran, sold a nuclear reactor to Saddam, is at the heart of the Oil-for-Food scandal, and revs up the Muslim world against the United States?

Only now are Europeans discovering the disturbing nature of radical Islamic extremism, which thrives not on real grievance but on perceived hurts — and the appeasement of its purported oppressors. How odd that tens of millions of Muslims flocked to Europe for its material consumption, superior standard of living, and freedom and tolerance — and then chose not merely to remain in enclaves but to romanticize all the old pathologies that they had fled from in the first place. It is almost as if the killers in Amsterdam said, "I want your cell phones, unfettered Internet access, and free-spirited girls, but hate the very system that alone can create them all. So please let me stay here to destroy what I want."

Turkey's proposed entry into the EU has become some weird sort of Swiftian satire on the crazy relationship between Europe and Islam. Ponder the contradictions of it all. Privately most Europeans realize that opening its borders without restraint to Turkey's millions will alter the nature of the EU, both by welcoming in a radically different citizenry, largely outside the borders of Europe, whose population will make it the largest and poorest country in the Union — and the most antithetical to Western liberalism. Yet Europe is also trapped in its own utopian race/class/gender rhetoric. It cannot openly question the wisdom of making the "other" coequal to itself, since one does not by any abstract standard judge, much less censure, customs, religions, or values.

So it stews and simmers. Not to be outdone, some in Turkey dare the Europeans, almost in contempt, to reject their bid. Thus rather than evolving Attaturk's modernist reforms to match the values of Europe, the country is instead driven into the midst of an Islamic reactionary revival in which its rural east far more resembles Iraq or Iran than Brussels. So the world wonders whether Europe is sticking a toe into the Islamic Middle East or the latter its entire leg into Europe.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Analysis: Europe's failed multiculturalism - (United Press International)

Analysis: Europe's failed multiculturalism - (United Press International): "Analysis: Europe's failed multiculturalism

By Claude Salhani
UPI International Editor

PARIS, France, Dec. 8 (UPI) -- For almost 50 years, Western Europe weathered the storm of the Cold War, living with the threat of the Soviet Union on its doorstep. Now Europe is waking up to a new threat, only this time the danger comes from within.

From Paris to Amsterdam and from Brussels to Berlin, decades of liberal open-door immigration policies are making their mark on Europe's domestic politics, not to mention the demographics of the old continent.

The arrival of several million immigrants -- mostly from North Africa, Turkey and Southwest Asia, and mostly Muslims -- has forever changed the face of a once largely white, overwhelmingly Christian Europe. Germany alone has some 7 million non-German residents, mostly Turks.

This influx of immigrants has caused a reaction from worried Europeans who have turned to rightwing parties for answers. Witness France's National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, who came close to winning the last presidential election.

The failure of many immigrants to integrate has resulted in communities living parallel to one another instead of blending. Compounding the problem, Islamist activists have found refuge and anonymity among these communities, where they can easily blend in.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

FrontPage :: Spain Battles Illegal Muslim Immigration by Steve Harrigan

FrontPage :: Spain Battles Illegal Muslim Immigration by Steve Harrigan: "FoxNews | December 2, 2004

TANGIER, Morocco - The bodies are anonymous, rotting in the shallows of the Straits of Gibraltar. The fortunate ones are dragged out for a hasty burial. They are Africans trying to make it to Europe, betting their lives on a nine-mile ride, thousands losing that bet each year.

Spain used to be an open door for illegal immigrants. An estimated one-quarter of all smuggled immigrants into Europe came through the Southern coast of Spain, most setting off from Morocco.
The sticks and stones of frustrated border guards had little effect against a rising tide of human traffic.

But all that changed on March 11. Most of the terrorists who killed 190 people on commuter trains in Madrid were Moroccan. Suddenly, the immigrant problem was a security problem.

Under pressure at home and from other European nations, rubber batons at the border were replaced by speedboats but success, so far, is limited.

'The numbers are down here by 50 percent,' said Lt. David Oliva of the Spanish Border Guard. 'But the smugglers are just moving to other parts of the coast.'


Tuesday, November 30, 2004

British Muslims want Islamic law and prayers at work

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | British Muslims want Islamic law and prayers at work

Alan Travis and Madeleine Bunting
Tuesday November 30, 2004
The Guardian

[While I hate to use anything from the Guardian, I thought this was an interesting tidbit. If Muslims want Sharia and time off from work to pray, why in the world did they leave their third world cesspools in the first place??]

Muslims in Britain want greater recognition of their faith with the introduction of Islamic law for civil cases and time off for prayers during the working day, but are equally committed to greater participation in British life.

A special Guardian/ICM poll based on a survey of 500 British Muslims found that a clear majority want Islamic law introduced into this country in civil cases relating to their own community. Some 61% wanted Islamic courts - operating on sharia principles - 'so long as the penalties did not contravene British law'.

Many civil cases in this country deal with family disputes such as divorce, custody and inheritance.

The poll also found a high level of religious observance with just over half saying they pray five times a day, every day - although women are shown to be more devout than men. The poll reveals that 88% want to see schools and workplaces in Britain accommodating Muslim prayer times as part of their normal working day.

Alongside these signs of a desire for more recognition of their religion, however, the poll suggests that the Muslim community is perhaps more integrated than many might imagine, with 62% saying they number 'a lot or quite a few' non-Muslim people among their closest friends and 35% saying they would consider marrying someone who was not a Muslim.

There is also a strong appetite within the Muslim community to become a closer part of British life, with 40% saying they need to do more to integrate into mainstream British culture.


Friday, November 26, 2004

Parliamentarians in sharia-law dilemma

Parliamentarians in sharia-law dilemma - By The Copenhagen Post

Muslim politicians in this country say Islamic sharia law is an inextricable part of their identity - but claim it can be practiced within the parameters of Danish democracy

Political parties in Parliament are pressuring Muslim members to publicly disavow portions of Islamic sharia law condoning stoning, whipping and the amputation of hands.

Most parties have not urged their Muslim members to condemn portions of the traditional Islamic law pertaining to general lifestyle or religious issues such as prayer and fasting.

On Monday, Social Democratic immigration spokeswoman Anne-Marie Meldgaard issued an ultimatum to Muslim party members, demanding that they condemn sharia in order to remain in the party.

Party leader Mogens Lykketoft has so far declined comment on the ultimatum, and Meldgaard has since modified her original remarks.

'Of course it's OK to fast. As long as an individual is not acting in violation of the constitution, Danish jurisprudence, principles of equality or democracy, we can accept it. But I still maintain that people have no business with us if they place Islamic law above our democratic system, or support execution by stoning,' said Meldgaard.

Social Democratic party member Hamid El Mousti, a Moroccan by birth, currently sits on Copenhagens City Council. El Mousti claims it is impossible for Muslims to disavow sharia in its entirety.

'Sharia is a part of our identity - part of being Muslim. It's unreasonable to ask us to swear off our religion - but demanding that we accept the values of Denmark is fine,' said El Mousti, emphasising that he in no way condones the stoning of adulterous women or amputation of hands to punish thieves.

Expatica - Germany agonises over Islam

Germany agonises over Islam

Germany agonises over Islam

Concern that religious tensions along the lines of those sparked in the Netherlands by the brutal killing of Islam-critical filmmaker Theo van Gogh could spill over into Germany has triggered a fresh debate among Germans about integrating the nation's large foreign population. Leon Mangasarian reports.

Muslims comprise 4 percent of Germany's population
While Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has stepped-up a campaign calling on the country's big Muslim community to fit with the country's laws and its democratic principles, leading political figures in the nation have claimed that multiculturalism has failed in Germany.

This comes in the wake of a mass demonstration of Muslims in Germany against terror and growing alarm in the country over the torching of mosques, churches and schools in the Netherlands following the van Gogh killing.

There have also been press reports of a link between the van Gogh murder and Germany, with claims that one of those involved in the killing in the Netherlands lived in neighbouring Germany.

With 3.4 million Muslims comprising 4 percent of Germany's population, the question was put this way by a banner headline in the conservative Bild newspaper: "Is the hate going to come here?" asked the biggest selling tabloid.

The Berliner Zeitung, a left-leaning paper in the German capital where about 200,000 mainly Turkish Muslims live, claims to know the answer: "The feelings of hated against the majority Christian society are growing."

So far there has not been a high profile killing in Germany to match the stabbing and shooting of van Gogh. But a series of attacks on Jews in Berlin by Arab youths have sharply raised concerns.

Germany's tough-minded interior minister, Otto Schily, spoke at the weekend of "a danger" to the country despite successes in integrating the majority of immigrants.

Schily drew headlines earlier this year with a harsh warning to Islamic fundamentalists: "If you love death so much, then it can be yours."

German opposition conservatives are demanding a ban on preaching in mosques in any language other than German.

Calls for such a move were fuelled by a dramatic TV film secretly made in a Berlin mosque.

Is the hate going to come here?

"These Germans, these atheists, these Europeans don't shave under their arms and their sweat collects under their hair with a revolting smell and they stink," said the preacher at the Mevlana Mosque in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, in the film made by Germany's ZDF public TV, adding: "Hell lives for the infidels! Down with all democracies and all democrats!


Thursday, November 25, 2004

Dutch Try to Thwart Terror Without Being Overzealous

Dutch Try to Thwart Terror Without Being Overzealous: "Dutch Try to Thwart Terror Without Being Overzealous
NY Times ^ | November 25, 2004 | CRAIG S. SMITH

Posted on 11/25/2004 10:05:52 AM CST by neverdem

AMSTERDAM, Nov. 18 - His telephone was tapped, his apartment was watched and many of his friends were already behind bars, so the Dutch authorities were not surprised by evidence that it was Mohamed Bouyeri, a Dutchman of Moroccan descent, who murdered the filmmaker Theo van Gogh in broad daylight one morning this month. Yet they had been powerless to stop the crime.

It is a problem faced by most European governments as radical Islam spreads across the Continent: how to arrest suspected militants before they act, without trampling on individual rights or risking charges of discrimination.

The government of the Netherlands has come under criticism for missing Mr. Bouyeri when Islamist death threats were made against Mr. van Gogh. But stopping him would have meant assessing guilt before the crime, Justice Minister Jan Piet Hein Donner said in an interview.

'You're dealing with processes that take place in one's head,' Mr. Donner said. 'We can't arrest people for wearing certain clothes.'

Mr. Bouyeri first came to the attention of the Dutch authorities in 2002, after he moved out of his family's home and rented a tiny one-bedroom apartment on quiet Marianne Philips Street in the Slotmeer district of western Amsterdam.

The apartment, in a two-story complex that rings a small park, soon became a regular meeting place for a group of young Muslims under the tutelage of a Syrian named Redouan al-Issar, known to the group as Abu Khaled.

The young men stood out with their flowing Arabic robes and beards in a tidy neighborhood where most of the residents were older and Dutch. Neighbors say they were always polite, though they received frequent visitors late into the night.

Mr. Issar, believed to be 43, sought political asylum in Germany in 1995 before moving to Amsterdam. By 2003 he had established himself as the group's spiritual leader and talked to them about "violent jihad," according to intelligence reports cited by the Dutch Justice Ministry in a recent report to Parliament. He often stayed in Mr. Bouyeri's cramped apartment.

But intelligence officials were more interested in a high school student named Samir Azzouz, who also attended the meetings at the apartment and who in early 2003 was arrested in Ukraine, apparently trying to make his way to Chechnya.

He was sent back to Amsterdam, where social workers and schoolteachers tried unsuccessfully to coach him through his final exams.

Months later, Spanish intelligence officials notified the Netherlands that they had intercepted communications between Mr. Azzouz and a Moroccan in Spain who was suspected of involvement in suicide bombings that killed 45 people in Casablanca in May 2003. A wiretapped conversation suggested that Mr. Azzouz and several other men were planning a terrorist attack.

The Dutch authorities found bomb ingredients in Mr. Azzouz's possession and remain convinced that a plot was taking shape. But Mr. Azzouz and the others arrested in the case were released within 10 days for lack of evidence. Mr. Issar, their spiritual leader, was eventually deported to Germany.

The Netherlands has since enacted a law making it a crime to conspire to commit a terrorist act. Like the rest of Europe, the country is gradually strengthening laws to thwart terrorists. Mr. Donner has asked for legislation to lower the threshold required for the police to hold suspects before they are charged - he wants suspicion alone to be enough.

He said the Netherlands was also going beyond many countries in Europe by seeking to allow prosecutors to use intelligence reports as evidence without revealing their source. "We are doing things that would be unthinkable in many other countries," he said. - International News: African immigrants in Europe subjecting daughters to genital mutilation, activist warns - International News: African immigrants in Europe subjecting daughters to genital mutilation, activist warns: "

African immigrants in Europe subjecting daughters to genital mutilation, activist warns

By Associated Press

Thursday, November 25, 2004

VIENNA, Austria - Many of Europe's African immigrants are subjecting their young daughters to ritual genital mutilation, and authorities are doing little to discourage it, a leading women's rights activist warned Thursday.

Somalia-born supermodel and best-selling author Waris Dirie, who has campaigned to end the disfiguring practice she suffered at age 5 in her homeland, said she estimates one in every three African families living in Europe is secretly carrying out the ritual on daughters born here. No official figures exist.

The procedure - illegal in most European countries - is especially prevalent in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as in Austria, where an estimated 8,000 girls born into immigrant families have been affected, Dirie said.

``We don't know who's doing it and where,'' because there are few initiatives to prevent it or to encourage doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers and others to report suspected cases, Dirie said. An exception is France, where there is strong awareness and education, she said.

``What good is a law if no one is paying attention?'' Dirie told reporters in Austria, where she was being honored Thursday by a Roman Catholic men's movement for her efforts to stop the practice.

Islamic religious leaders are telling Europe's Muslim Africans that the prophets recommend the ancient ritual, which involves the removal of the clitoris, often with a dull blade and no anesthesia, Dirie said.

``That is a catastrophe,'' she said. ``Every imam who is not actively against genital mutilation is guilty. Mutilation is not a tradition - it's a crime that must be abolished.''

Although women generally perform the procedure, sometimes called female circumcision, men are ultimately responsible because ``untrimmed'' young women ``face great difficulties in African societies in finding a husband,'' Dirie said.

Between 100 million and 140 million women have undergone genital mutilation worldwide, and 2 million girls are at risk each year, according to the World Health Organization, which says the practice can lead to infection, the spread of AIDS and crippling physical, psychological and sexual problems.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

French Hostages ‘Adjusted’ to Captors

French Hostages ‘Adjusted’ to Captors

French Hostages ‘Adjusted’ to Captors [from an Iraqi newspaper]

Institute for War and Peace Reporting


(Al-Sabah al-Jadeed) – Reliable sources informed the paper that the two French journalists kidnapped by armed groups a few months ago are west of Anbar province near the borders. The sources added that the journalists and their kidnappers move freely, and it seems the journalists have adjusted themselves with their kidnappers. The source, which is close to the so-called “Muhammad’s Army”, said the journalists wear local clothes and sometimes film military operations conducted by gunmen.

(Al-Sabah al-Jadeed is an independent daily paper.)

Go Figure!

Bahrain Tribune Daily - Dutch probe financing of terror groups

dutch probe financing of terror groups

dutch probe financing of terror groups

AMSTERDAM: Dutch authorities have launched an investigation into the financing of suspected terrorist organisations in the Netherlands.
The probe by the Financial Expertise Centre (FEC), a body grouping officials from Dutch intelligence and the financial markets watchdog, follows a study launched in February into the risks of non-profit groups financing terrorism.

The new investigation focuses on the financial affairs of charities with a religious background, Dutch daily De Volksrant reported, adding that the accounts of three Islamic foundations suspected of having financed terrorism had been blocked.

A spokesman for the FEC — which also includes prosecutors, police and officials from the central bank — confirmed on Tuesday that an investigation had been launched but declined to comment on other details reported in the Dutch media.

The murder earlier this month of Theo van Gogh, who directed a film about violence against Muslim women, has heightened ethnic tension in the Netherlands and led to a series of tit-for-tat arson attacks against mosques and churches.

Dutch authorities are holding seven suspected Muslim militants in connection with the killing and have detained a further six on suspicion of belonging to a radical group.

De Volkskrant said some 3,500 religious organisations, both Muslim and Christian, about 12,000 foundations, some 2,500 other organisations and almost 100 church communities could be targeted under the investigation.

9/11-style attack on London thwarted - War on Terror -

9/11-style attack on London thwarted - War on Terror -

9/11-style attack on London thwarted
By Peter Fray - London
November 24, 2004

A September 11-style terrorist plot to fly hijacked planes into London's tallest buildings has been foiled.

British authorities believe they have thwarted an al-Qaeda attack on the country's 'triple towers' at Canary Wharf and up to five more potential targets, including Heathrow Airport.

The terrorists intended to train as pilots in a repeat of the US suicide missions in 2001.

Neither Downing Street nor Scotland Yard would discuss the reports by Britain's ITN television network and the Daily Mail newspaper. Both organisations cite unnamed, well-placed security sources and insist their information is correct and not politically motivated.

Britain has been gripped by a series of high-profile security alerts, including one in February last year that saw Heathrow ringed by tanks for several days.

Islamist extremists were believed to be plotting to use shoulder-held rocket launchers against incoming planes at the busy airport.

But the new revelations confirm recent warnings by the Government and security chiefs that Washington's staunchest ally is under constant threat by al-Qaeda and its allies.

Recent early-morning raids have netted more than a dozen suspected terrorists.

Home Secretary David Blunkett has said the extent of the al-Qaeda threat 'on our doorstep' would be revealed in coming court cases.

The Blair Government is planning to introduce harsh new anti-terrorism laws that include special anti-terror courts without juries and the use of phone-tap evidence in trials.

Muslim preacher wants MP Geert Wilders to die

Muslim preacher in hiding after Wilders death remark

24 November 2004

AMSTERDAM — A Muslim preacher has provoked a storm of protest by admitting on Dutch television he wants parliamentarian Geert Wilders to die.

Wilders, an independent Conservative MP, plans to set up a party "to tackle Islamic extremism" in the Netherlands.

Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven, 25, told the media on Wednesday afternoon he had gone into hiding as a result of the outcry about his remark.

In a statement to define his position, Van de Ven claimed he did not want to incite anyone to murder Wilders. He also said he did not wish Wilders to contract a fatal illness.

"I don't wish that on him with either my tongue or my pen. But I would not mourn
[his death], just as the great majority of the Dutch public would not mourn if Osama bin Laden was found dead tomorrow."

Van de Ven said he wanted to meet with senior politicians who had criticised his comments to explain his position in person.

The preacher was a guest on programme Het Elfde Uur on the evangelical broadcaster EO on Tuesday evening.

Asked by presenter Andries Kneuvel if he wanted Wilders, who faces death threats for criticising Islam, to die within the next two years, Van de Ven said yes, preferrably due to illness.

But he said he hoped Wilders was not murdered by a Muslim and that murder in general was wrong.

He did admit however that he felt "some joy" on hearing of the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh on 2 November. Van Gogh was apparently killed because he made a short film featuring semi-naked women talking about domestic violence in Islamic society.

A Muslim, 26 who holds Moroccan and Dutch nationality has been arrested for the killing.

Prosecutors say the murder suspect Mohammed B. was part of a group of extremist young Muslims. Several other people have been arrested as part of the investigation into Van Gogh's assassination.

Preacher Van de Ven used the television programme on Tuesday night to once again deny media accusations that his sermons in mosques have helped radicalise some of the suspects and drive them to violence.

Van de Ven made the distinction between a "wish and the act". He said one could wish in one's thoughts and prayers that a person might die, but not approve of murder.

Presenter Knevel told the media later he was very unhappy with the preacher's comments.

The programme received hundreds of reactions following the interview with Van de Ven. Some listeners were angry the programme had given Van de Ven a platform to express his views.

Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk said on Radio 1 news she was shocked at the views expressed by the preacher. "How can we in the Netherlands have sunk so low. I am really concerned about this," she said.

Britain has prevented Sept 11-style terrorist attack: report

Yahoo! News - Britain has prevented Sept 11-style terrorist attack: report

Britain has prevented Sept 11-style terrorist attack: report

Mon Nov 22, 6:39 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - British security services have foiled an Al-Qaeda plot to fly planes into targets in London in a September 11-style attack, Britain's independent ITV News network reported.

'This is the story of what could have been a nightmare averted,' said ITV's political editor Nick Robinson. 'A story not of failure, but of success.'

'That, at least, is what I am told by a senior authoritative source who says that the security services managed to avert a plot to fly planes into Canary Wharf here, and also into Heathrow Airport,' he said.

'I simply do not know the details of how they found out, how they stopped it, how close the plot got, but I am in no doubt that this was a genuine feeling on the behalf of those in the security services that they had managed to foil a plot and make us safer,' he added.

ITV News confirmed to AFP that their journalist's 'non-attributable source' was in 'the arena' of the security services or government, but would not be specific.

Britain's Home Office and London's Metropolitan Police declined to comment on the report.

Islamic spokesperson sympathize with murder

Nettavisen: News in English

Islamic spokesperson sympathize with murder

Carin Pettersson 19.11.04 12:04, ny 22.11.04 08:26

Dr. Zahid Mukhtar, spokesperson for Islamic Council in Norway, stated that he sympathize with the reason why the Dutch film director Theo van Gogh was murdered.

Mukhtar made the statement at the Norwegian debate program Holmgang Wednesday. Program leader Oddvar Stenstrøm asked if he understood that some Muslims could become so provoked that they killed, answered Mukhtar, «I understand that, even if there is no statutory authorization to do so.»

Jens Stoltenberg, leader of the Labor Party, demands that Mukhtar retracts his statements.

«I want to ask Muslim leaders in Norway in the most urgent manner to clearly and unmistakable condemn such violent acts as the murder of van Gogh,» Stoltenberg said to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Stoltenberg stressed that Mukhtar’s statements to a large degree injures Muslims in Norway and the work for increasing tolerance.

Erna Solberg, minister of local government, did not participate in the program, but stated to Aftenposten that it is important to stress that no one in Norway must show understanding for the murder of people like van Gogh.

«It is one thing to understand what has happened. It is something entirely different to have understanding for the action,» Solberg said.

FRENCH RESISTANCE:Teens hunt U.S. troops in Iraq

24-Nov-04 FRENCH RESISTANCE:Teens hunt U.S. troops in Iraq

FRENCH RESISTANCE: Teens hunt U.S. troops in Iraq

Associated Press Writer

PARIS - The two teenage friends hardly seemed like Islamic radicals. They smoked marijuana, drank beer, listened to rap and wore jeans.

Yet the pair of French Muslims died insurgents in Iraq - one a suicide car bomber, say relatives who traced the young men's path from the slums of Paris through a religious school in Syria to the fight against the U.S.-led coalition next door.

Like many young Muslims here, Abdelhalim Badjoudj and Redouane el-Hakim didn't have jobs, and relatives and friends say they grew more alienated in recent years, surrounded by secular Western culture and by what many Muslims see as a subtle bigotry among Frenchmen against Arabs.

U.S. Army soldiers clean the street after a French suicide car bomber detonated an explosive device near a U.S. patrol on the airport road in Baghdad, Iraq, in this Oct. 20 file photo, killing himself and injuring four others according to US and Iraqi officials. (AP)
Badjoudj, who would have turned 19 on Dec. 16, allegedly blew himself up on Oct. 20 while driving a car filled with explosives near a U.S. patrol on Baghdad's airport road, wounding two American soldiers and two Iraqi police officers. He is thought to be the second French citizen to have carried out a suicide attack in Iraq.

The body of el-Hakim, 19, reportedly was found July 17 after U.S. troops bombed a suspected insurgent hide-out in Fallujah, the city west of Baghdad that was overrun this month by U.S. and Iraqi troops.

French officials also confirmed the death of a third French insurgent, identified as Tarek W. In his 20s, he reportedly was killed Sept. 17 after operating for several months in Iraq's Sunni Triangle, where most foreign fighters are based.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Van Gogh's killing reveals anger at Islam - The Washington Times: World - November 19, 2004

Van Gogh's killing reveals anger at Islam - The Washington Times: World - November 19, 2004

'Ninety percent of our prison population is immigrants, they are the most dependent on our social schemes, they are non-Western and not speaking our language,' Mr. Wilders said in his office, where he is carefully watched by security guards since radical Islamic Web sites posted his picture and called for his beheading.
'Let me be honest, I'm talking about non-Western immigrants,' he said. 'Islam is fascist.'

Well, at least this guy gets it. But I'd imagine being threatened with decapitation will do that to a body. Must say though that the 90% figure is pretty surprising. They need to find out how many immigrants go on the dole immediately upon arrival as well.

Schroeder calls on Muslims to better integrate in Germany

Schroeder calls on Muslims to better integrate in Germany

Schroeder calls on Muslims to better integrate in Germany
AFP: 11/19/2004

BERLIN, Nov 19 (AFP) - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder called on Muslims to better integrate themselves in German society, in extracts of a speech he will deliver on Saturday released early to two major newspapers here.

Schroeder warned of a 'conflict of cultures' and says Muslims 'must clearly and without misunderstanding demonstrate that they accept our legal order and democratic rules.'

He said that the state had to insist on the fact that 'our willingness to integrate corresponds to a willingness to be integrated on the part of those who come here.'

There as they say is the rub. Wanting them to integrate is only half of the equation. If Muslims aren't interested in integrating, not all the power of the State can make it happen. There are millions of Muslims in Europe that might have integrated if solid, forceful integration policy had been in place to start with, but since it wasn't, there are now tens of millions of people who must be integrated.

I suppose it's possible, but I'm pessimistic. With European economies on the rocks where is the money going to come from to accomplish such a massive project? Yet, it MUST be accomplished, or many of these disaffected Muslims are likely to go the jihad route as they have in other places in the world.


The minister, the imam and the handshake

The minister, the imam and the handshake

The minister, the imam and the handshake
by Robert Chesal and the RN Internet desk, 22 November 2004

Minister Rita Verdonk offers her hand to an imam, who respectfully told her that he could not shake a woman's hand (tv footage)
Dutch Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk has told Muslim clerics in the Netherlands that they need to assimilate into Dutch society.

The minister, a member of the liberal-conservative VVD party, delivered her message in person at the weekend when she attended a meeting with some 50 imams, saying that she wished to continue her dialogue with them next year, only then in the Dutch language. She also called for the creation of a course in the Netherlands to train new imams.

However, it was just one aspect of her meeting with the Muslim clerics that grabbed most of the headlines, namely her attempt to shake hands with one of the imams. The handshake was refused.

I think it's finally sinking in. Not all people are created equal. Justice for some. Tolerance is only for the intolerant. Ignorance is strength!


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Israpundit: France gives up on Muslim integration, embraces Islam

I've been watching the silent conquest of Europe for years now, but I guess it just shocked me to hear Sarkozy come right out and say that Islam is France's future. There's an article entitled, Barbarians at the Gates of Paris that pretty well spells out the situation in France in regards to its muslim population.

Hearing a man as powerful as Sarkozy come out and say, there's nothing we can do about it, leads me to believe that the problem is FAR worse than what even that article shows and it's pretty horrendous in itself. How a whole people could decide to commit cultural, national and racial suicide is beyond me. I guess Aristotle was right: Some men are, by nature, slaves.

Israpundit: France gives up on Muslim integration, embraces Islam: "France gives up on Muslim integration, embraces Islam

The murder of Theo van Gogh concerns all of Europe. Or it should, as the murderer makes clear in the letter he left at the dead body, pinned to it with a knife. In it he calls for the collapse of Europe. Also, it has become clear one week after the murder that the assassin did not act alone, but belonged to a group of Muslim extremists, with international connections.

But the Netherlands, currently chairing the EU, neglected to broach the subject at what would have been a perfect occasion for it: An EU summit in Brussels. It is tacitly admitted that on almost any subject discussed within the EU, the opinions and interests of the tens of millions of Arabs, Turks and Pakistanis living in the EU are always a very real consideration.

In a month from now, another EU summit will vote about the entrance of Turkey into the EU. The Dutch government has consciously decided not to 'complicate' that matter any further by raising the question 'Just exactly how much Islam can Europe handle?'.

Last week Nicholas Sarkozy - France's former Foreign minister, and hardly less powerful a politician than President Chirac - was asked about integrating Islam with European attitudes on government and democracy, he said:

It is too late to speak of integrating Islam. Wether I like it or not, Islam is France's second religion. Therefore, we have to integrate it by making it a French Islam.

Sarkozy never mentioned a French Secret Service report that was published five months ago in Le Monde, which states that there are about three hundred Islamic enclaves in France, where French laws and standards play next to no role, but it is clear that this report forms the background of his statements.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Europe Becomes the Focus of the War

Full transcript of bin Ladin's speech (He doesn't want Dubya re-elected)
"Your security is in your own hands. And every state that doesn't play with our security has automatically guaranteed its own security." - Osama bin Laden

I found it very curious that OBL would release a tape just prior to the US presidential election in 2004, and found it even more surprising at the content of the tape. Suddenly, he wasn't interested in slaughtering the American infidels. All of a sudden, he was interested in our security and 911 was a thing of the past. He wasn't trying to kill Americans any longer, he was trying to bleed America to bankruptcy. If we would just leave him alone, he'd leave us alone. If we'd elect the much more tractable John Kerry instead of the much more problematic George Bush, there was a chance of peace between Islam and America.

Suddenly, OBL was talking peace and security at a cost that he'd normally have to expend the resources to create hundreds of 911's for. He's learned that the American people won't be cowed. We've got many people still alive who remember America being stabbed in the back by the sneak attacks at Pearl Harbor. American's truly realize at a fundamental level that the world is full of deceptive people who can sucker-punch her in a heartbeat. They won't be fooled and they won't bow to the demands of these murdering monsters. We've learned through long, harsh lessons that when you give in to this kind of evil, it simply encourages it and spawns more and greater evils in the future. This is a lesson that Spain and the rest of Europe have yet to learn.

America learned on 911 that the price of failure in confronting these monsters is too awful to contemplate. Let's face an uncomfortable fact here that you really don't see bandied about very often. Al Queda's mission on 911 wasn't to kill 3000 American's. Their mission was to slaughter 50,000 American's and the only thing that prevented the accomplishment of that mission was the Grace of God and American technology. It had long been foreseen that an airliner could hit the towers and they were safe from such an impact. If they'd stayed standing even an hour longer, then most of those three thousand people would still be with us.

In 2003, Al Queda offered Europe a truce so that they could deal with America. I think that in 2004, they saw that America was a 'hard target' and the Osama tapes intent was directly opposite: Osama was offering America a truce so that they can deal with Europe. He must realize that Europe is a MUCH softer target. With gun control being what it is, a far larger pool of prospective recruits, state borders far less integrated than US states and many other reasons must lead him to the conclusion that he'd have a far easier time subverting European democracies than American democracy and the Spanish people's capitulation must have hammered that belief through. Europe in many ways is a plum ripe for the picking.

Islam hates Europe in ways that it hasn't learned to hate America. It wants Al Andalusia back and it's going to get it, whatever the cost.

I'm not sure what it is that blinds Europe to the danger in their midst, but surely it's more than a matter of politically correct multi-culturalism. France sees the problem, but doesn't recognize it for some reason. In late 2004, Nicholas Sarkozy, in reply to a question about Islamic assimilation said:

"It is too late to speak of integrating Islam. Whether I like it or not, Islam is France's second religion. Therefore, we have to integrate it by making it a French Islam."

They see the problem, but they just don't recognize it. They're in denial.

I've read as recently as today on a blog that Europeans think that American's are overestimating the problem. We're seeing problems that don't exist. On the other hand, there's this quote:

Sarkozy never mentioned a French Secret Service report that was published five months ago in Le Monde, which states that there are about three hundred Islamic enclaves in France, where French laws and standards play next to no role

Three hundred cites as the French call them where French law and French culture are suspended. That's only France though. I doubt the situation is better in most of the other major cities in Europe.

Let me try and put this into perspective. I'll concentrate on France since the problem seems to be most acute there but to one degree or another, it's no different for most other major European countries.

1) Since many of the immigrants are illegals, nobody really knows how bad the problem is. Estimates for all of Europe run from 12 to 20 million people. For France alone, I've seen estimates of anywhere from 2 to 8 million. That's a big problem all by itself.

2) The birthrate for native European women is 1.4 children on average. Replacement rate is 2.1 to replace both parents and grow a bit. Islamic replacement rate in Algeria and Morocco where most of the French immigrants come from is 4.2 per woman. I'm sorry. It doesn't take, as they say, a rocket scientist, to crunch these numbers. Even if all immigration, legal and illegal, were stopped in its tracks today, by 2,100, Europe as a culture won't exist. By 2050, upwards of 50% of French children will be Muslim.

3) The three hundred Islamic enclaves mentioned above, are the suburbs of major French cities. In America, cities rot from the center, in France, they rot from the suburbs. These 'burbs are packed to the rafters with MILLIONS of young, alienated Muslims who HATE France and everything she stands for. They boo the national anthem. They attack police with Molotov cocktails. They attack ambulance crews. Even Chirac, I understand, had to flee when molotov's were thrown at him when he went to these places to pander for votes.

4) These young people have all kinds of free time on their hands, since they are not able to get jobs under the French system. France's own economic problems don't really allow new jobs to be created and for these young Muslims, many black Africans, chances of landing a job are almost 0%. In these ghettos, unemployment is around 50%.

5) Just because these young people don't have jobs, doesn't mean that they're poor. They've figured out long since that they can make more in one day through crime than they can earn in a month through a boring, chained to the desk legitimate job. Also, it's not really hazardous since the French police fear to enter these projects. They're far from hungry, many own satellite dishes (to watch signals from North Africa), jewelry, nice auto's, most anything they want.

6) Having plenty of time, money and Muslim contacts, they also have access to the best weaponry available. You don't see the poor oppressed "Palestinians" with a lack of small arms or explosives and you won't see that here either. But we're not talking about an AK-47 and a couple of clips of ammo. There are reports of these people knocking off banks with bazooka's and RPG's.

7) France alone has over a THOUSAND mosques, all compliments of Saudi Arabia. Of it's 250 most prominent imams, not one is French. At French request, Saudi Arabia and other Arab/Muslim countries are MORE than happy to send in guest speakers and imams to prostletyze to the faithful. Due to French multicultural politically correct sensitivities, mosques are pretty much off limits.

8) The same story is reported in France, in Spain, in Sweden, in Norway, in Holland, in Belgium and Germany. Such as:

Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmø, according to the Swedish Aftonbladet, has become an outpost of the Middle East in Scandinavia: “The police now publicly admit what many Scandinavians have known for a long time: They no longer control the situation in the nations’s third largest city. It is effectively ruled by violent gangs of Muslim immigrants. Some of the Muslims have lived in the area of Rosengård, Malmø, for twenty years, and still don’t know how to read or write Swedish. Ambulance personnel are attacked by stones or weapons, and refuse to help anybody in the area without police escort. The immigrants also spit at them when they come to help. Recently, an Albanian youth was stabbed by an Arab, and was left bleeding to death on the ground while the ambulance waited for the police to arrive. The police themselves hesitate to enter parts of their own city unless they have several patrols, and need to have guards to watch their cars, otherwise they will be vandalized.”

9) European governments and officials are doing their best to defuse the situation but no matter what they do, they're going to alienate someone. The French think the headscarf ban is a great thing but Muslims don't. They're trying to make a Muslim holiday in Germany, but that's simply going to appear to the native Europeans as betrayal and by Muslims as weakness.

So let's summarize.

You have millions of disaffected people who HATE Europe and European institutions. They are reproducing at a MUCH higher rate than the natives. They have access to weapons in unknown quantities that can be hidden in places that the European authorities can't access. Police are impotent to act. Citizens have on the whole been unarmed and are defenseless. 50% of men in French jails are Muslim which makes a great pool of potential recruits for fundamentalists.

I'll grant that I'm a yank and a long way from the center of the action, but if I even half of what I've read and listed above is true, Europe's moving at warp speed directly at a brick wall and there's not a thing she can do about it and the longer she waits, the more difficult things will become.

During the Second World War, it was easy to see who the invaders were and kick them out of the country. During this invasion however, when it's a matter of second and third generation citizens of Europe, it's going to be all but impossible to decide who should stay and who should go. THIS will be a quagmire. There will be no clear enemies and there's not telling what little thing will spark this into a conflagration that will quickly turn into a continental civil war.

One further word. During WWII and the Cold War, Europe had the US to fall back on to help it out of its problems. This time, I suspect that the US is going to sit it out and let Europe take care of this massive problem that they've created. There is VERY little enthusiasm to get into a protacted war on Europe's behalf this time. The rampant and obvious anti-Americanism apparent in virtually every country in Europe has alienated and angered a majority of Americans. Why should the US get involved in yet ANOTHER war 'over there'? So we can be called evil, and the biggest danger on the planet again 50 years down the road?

No thanks. Europe has been digging itself into this hole since 1960. This time, they can dig themselves out, or ask the UN for help.

Dutch Immigration Minister expels Algerian

Dutch Immigration Minister expels Algerian: "Dutch Immigration Minister expels Algerian ^

Posted on 11/17/2004 3:05:07 AM CST by teezle

(summary from Dutch)

THE HAGUE - Minister Verdonk (Immigration) has declared a 38 year old Algerian as unwanted foreigner last week and expelled him to Spain.

The Algerian is A.B., a man who was suspect before of recruting jihad warriors in the Nehtherlands. B. had a Spanish residence permit and is therefore handed over to Spanish authorities.

A.B. was found innocent because according to the judge the Justice department had arrested and prosecuted him unlegally based on information from the AIVD (intelligence service). But according to Verdonk he was a threat to society.

She bases this on infromation from the AIVD that the man had extremist sympathies and has called on several meetings for violence against Westerns and especially Dutch.

I can't understand this. He's not guilty because it was the AIVD that fingered him???? Maybe I'm interpreting this wrong. This is a third hand translation so thats entirely possible.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Times Online - Germans fear Islamic unrest

Germans fear Islamic unrest

November 17, 2004

Germans fear Islamic unrest
From Roger Boyes in Berlin

ISLAMIC preachers in Germany have been told that they may be ordered to deliver their sermons in German rather than in Arabic in an attempt to halt racist diatribes.

The move reflects Berlin’s fears that a spark of ethnic and religious unrest could leap from the Netherlands to Germany, a country with more than three million Muslims.

Support for such a move is growing after a television channel used hidden cameras to film the imam of a Berlin mosque frequented by young Turks. He was heard telling worshippers that “Germans can only expect to rot in the fires of hell because they are non-believers”.

The Germans, he said, would only support Turkish entry to the European Union if the Turks ripped down the minarets and bulldozed the mosques. Moreover, Germans smelt badly: “These nonbelievers, these Europeans, they do not even shave under their armpits, so that sweat gathers in their hair and makes them stink.”

The sermon, translated from Arabic and broadcast on German state television, stopped well short of a call to violence. But it was strong and hostile enough to shock ordinary Germans and the political class who argue that European Muslims are being poisoned by the rhetoric they hear in the mosques.

Senator Erhart Körting, in charge of internal security for the city of Berlin, threatened yesterday to expel the preacher to Turkey if his statements were confirmed. “I want this case cleared up within days,” he said.

Anetta Schavan, a powerful regional education minister tipped as a future leader of the Christian Democrats, led the political offensive against what the tabloids are describing as “hate preachers”.

“We must now consider legal steps to ensure that German is spoken in mosques and in Koran schools,” she said to wide applause among conservative politicians. The point would be to make it easier for plain-clothed policemen to monitor mosques’ activities.

The German Government is not convinced that it can push through such legislation: it would almost certainly prompt a long and uncomfortable constitutional debate about the freedom of worship. But mosques have been coming under closer scrutiny since the beginning of the year when the police raided a mosque in Gelsenkirchen after Friday prayers and a controversial sermon.

- snip -

German television last week withdrew the controversial film Submission, which has been blamed for inciting the fatal attack on the Dutch film director Theo van Gogh. The decision seems to have come from the Dutch production company rather than the German networks. “We don’t want to pour even more oil on the fire,” Alexandra Keddemann, spokeswoman for the producers, said.

Like in Holland, Germany suddenly is going to censor Submission, so the Islamics are going to win this round as well. They'll accomplish their mission or silencing van Gogh both in person and in film by butchering him. They learn again that terrorism works!


Greens call for German Muslim public holiday

Greens call for German Muslim public holiday

16 November 2004

BERLIN - Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Greens coalition partner called on Tuesday for establishing a Muslim public holiday in Germany as a reaction to violence in the Netherlands following the killing of Islam-critical film director Theo van Gogh.

Both Germany's Greens Environment Minister, Juergen Trittin, and the deputy chairman of the Greens in parliament, Hans-Christian Stroebele were quoted in the newspaper Die Welt as backing the move.

'Exactly such a sign is needed given the attacks in Holland,' said Stroebele, who like Trittin hails from the party's 'fundi' left-wing.

But Schroeder's Social Democrats (SPD) were cool to
the idea following a row earlier this month over a proposal to abolish the German Unity Day holiday in a bid to boost the economy. SPD government officials swiftly dropped the idea.

'It's well-meaning but does not fit in with our current economic situation,' said Dieter Wiefelspuetz, an SPD domestic security policy expert.

Leaders of the opposition Christian Democratic alliance (CDU/CSU) poured cold water on the idea.

'This nation has been strongly formed by Christianity,' said the CDU Interior Minister of Brandenburg state, Joerg Schoenbohm, adding that such a holiday would have no meaning to the vast majority of people living in Germany.

There are about 3.4 million Muslims living in Germany out of a total population of 82 million.

Guenther Beckstein, the Bavarian interior minister, said the proposal proved the Greens could not let go of their 'starry-eyed' dream of a multi-cultural society which has long since 'failed'.

In a related development, a Muslim preacher in Berlin issued a public apology for making strongly anti-German comments in a mosque which were secretly filmed by Germany's ZDF public TV.

"These remarks were offensive and wrong," said a letter by the preacher who has not been named by media.

An update to an earlier story translated into English from Expatica. 95%+ of Germans are infidels. This holiday is going to mean nothing to them.

Spain's Socialist-Led Descent into Darkness

Spain's Socialist-Led Descent into Darkness

"Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco, archbishop of Madrid, said the new policies hearken back to a time when the country was subjugated by Muslim Moors. 'Some people wish to place us in the year 711,' he said in July. 'It seems as if we are meant to wipe ourselves out of history.'

While the Socialists eliminate religion classes teaching Catholic and Christian values in public schools, they plan to introduce Islamic religion classes in public schools in 2005. The National Catholic Confederation of Parents of Families and Students have condemned the measure, saying religious tolerance is exercised for Muslims, 'but hindered in the case of Catholics.' Islamic religion classes are proposed for several major cities including Barcelona and Madrid."

There are none so blind as those who will NOT see!


English translation - letter left on Theo Van Gogh's body by the militant Islamist killer was 'Jihad Manifesto' -A call to destroy America and all "un

English translation - letter left on Theo Van Gogh's body by the militant Islamist killer was 'Jihad Manifesto' -A call to destroy America and all "unbelievers": Translations of ' martyrdom letter ' carried by killer - Death threat letter to cabinet minister Geert Wilders - Militant Islam Monitor - Militant Islam Monitor

"MIM: Below is the english translation of the letter which was stuck into the body of Theo Van Gogh with knife . Beneath that letter is the one which was found on the terrorist who killed him and hoped to be shot and martyred. Today the NRC Handelsblad published an 'open letter' which the killer had written to Geert Wilders a member of the Dutch cabinet. The original text and translation are also to be found below:

The letter can be seen as a 'Jihad Manifesto' since the killer refers to himself as the 'Emir van de Muhajideen'

These writings show conclusively that the Islamists are living in a parallel universe . This letter should be a wake up call for all of us to see that militant Islamist killers are dwelling among us. In the following days MIM will publish translations of articles which will explain the phenomenon of how such an Islamist who went to Dutch schools was able to fester and infect Dutch society with his deadly poison. After the killing 8 other Muslims living in Holland were arrested. A statistical study of percentage of potentially lethal Muslims in Holland shows that there are 50,000 militant Islamists presently at large."

FYI - U.S. & World - Tolerance Harder to Come By in Netherlands - U.S. & World - Tolerance Harder to Come By in Netherlands

"Officials confirm that the Dutch Secret Service, the agency in charge of investigating terrorism, has been infiltrated by at least one Islamic extremist. The agent was said to be recruited after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States in a rush to bring in Arabic speakers.

That agent was an associate of the radical accused of killing Theo Van Gogh."

Hmmmm. Looks like Europe needs to check out its intel services as well. This could be a SERIOUS problem if left untended.


Dutch raid Kurdish Training Camp

International News Article |

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch authorities have raided a suspected training camp of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) guerrilla group in the southern Netherlands and arrested 29 people, prosecutors said on Friday.

'This was a result of a year-long investigation,' a prosecution spokesman said, adding that 29 people had been arrested in the raid at a farmyard campsite near the southern village of Liempde. 'We suspect this was a training camp.'

Other raids were taking place elsewhere in connection with the investigation, Dutch news agency ANP reported. The prosecution spokesman declined to comment on this report.

The spokesman said there was no connection between the raid and others in the country in recent days linked with investigations into suspected Islamic militants following the murder last week of outspoken Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

The Netherlands is home to about 350,000 Turks.