Saturday, December 11, 2004

Scotland on Sunday - UK - Mosques 'security threat'

Scotland on Sunday - UK - Mosques 'security threat'

Scotland on Sunday
Sun 12 Dec 2004
Mosques 'security threat'

SURVEILLANCE of mosques must be stepped up to combat terrorism, security experts have advised European leaders ahead of this week’s EU summit in Brussels.

Security services have told ministers there needs to be an increase in intelligence-gathering around places of worship in order to head off Muslim extremists seeking terrorist recruits.

A report from the EU’s Counter Terrorism Group and the EU Police Chiefs Task Force claims that the main international terrorist threat faced by Europe is that of Islamic fundamentalism and says that Eurpol, the European police agency, needs to undertake more profiling of Muslim extremists.

But Muslim leaders have warned the controversial plan risks alienating their communities.


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