Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dutch Immigration Minister expels Algerian

Dutch Immigration Minister expels Algerian: "Dutch Immigration Minister expels Algerian ^

Posted on 11/17/2004 3:05:07 AM CST by teezle

(summary from Dutch)

THE HAGUE - Minister Verdonk (Immigration) has declared a 38 year old Algerian as unwanted foreigner last week and expelled him to Spain.

The Algerian is A.B., a man who was suspect before of recruting jihad warriors in the Nehtherlands. B. had a Spanish residence permit and is therefore handed over to Spanish authorities.

A.B. was found innocent because according to the judge the Justice department had arrested and prosecuted him unlegally based on information from the AIVD (intelligence service). But according to Verdonk he was a threat to society.

She bases this on infromation from the AIVD that the man had extremist sympathies and has called on several meetings for violence against Westerns and especially Dutch.

I can't understand this. He's not guilty because it was the AIVD that fingered him???? Maybe I'm interpreting this wrong. This is a third hand translation so thats entirely possible.

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