Thursday, November 18, 2004

Israpundit: France gives up on Muslim integration, embraces Islam

I've been watching the silent conquest of Europe for years now, but I guess it just shocked me to hear Sarkozy come right out and say that Islam is France's future. There's an article entitled, Barbarians at the Gates of Paris that pretty well spells out the situation in France in regards to its muslim population.

Hearing a man as powerful as Sarkozy come out and say, there's nothing we can do about it, leads me to believe that the problem is FAR worse than what even that article shows and it's pretty horrendous in itself. How a whole people could decide to commit cultural, national and racial suicide is beyond me. I guess Aristotle was right: Some men are, by nature, slaves.

Israpundit: France gives up on Muslim integration, embraces Islam: "France gives up on Muslim integration, embraces Islam

The murder of Theo van Gogh concerns all of Europe. Or it should, as the murderer makes clear in the letter he left at the dead body, pinned to it with a knife. In it he calls for the collapse of Europe. Also, it has become clear one week after the murder that the assassin did not act alone, but belonged to a group of Muslim extremists, with international connections.

But the Netherlands, currently chairing the EU, neglected to broach the subject at what would have been a perfect occasion for it: An EU summit in Brussels. It is tacitly admitted that on almost any subject discussed within the EU, the opinions and interests of the tens of millions of Arabs, Turks and Pakistanis living in the EU are always a very real consideration.

In a month from now, another EU summit will vote about the entrance of Turkey into the EU. The Dutch government has consciously decided not to 'complicate' that matter any further by raising the question 'Just exactly how much Islam can Europe handle?'.

Last week Nicholas Sarkozy - France's former Foreign minister, and hardly less powerful a politician than President Chirac - was asked about integrating Islam with European attitudes on government and democracy, he said:

It is too late to speak of integrating Islam. Wether I like it or not, Islam is France's second religion. Therefore, we have to integrate it by making it a French Islam.

Sarkozy never mentioned a French Secret Service report that was published five months ago in Le Monde, which states that there are about three hundred Islamic enclaves in France, where French laws and standards play next to no role, but it is clear that this report forms the background of his statements.

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