Monday, November 15, 2004

Opening phase of the war - HOLLAND

Here you will find a wide variety of links providing the background on the situation in Holland since the butchering of Theo van Gogh.

I've been watching the situation in Holland since it began, but I guess I was just flabbergasted by this quote by a former Dutch EU commisssioner (don't remember the name right off but can find it if needed):

"The most common first name registered at birth these days in Amsterdam is Mohammed,"

Surely this should have been a tipoff that there was trouble in the heartland of Holland.

Now I'm sure that many will call me a racist bigot and tell me that not all Muslims are fundamentalists and the like, but I don't buy it.

Mohammed Bouyeri, the killer of van Gogh was, until three years before the murder a well-balanced, integrated Muslim. He spoke and wrote good Dutch, dressed in the Dutch style and had assimliated as would be expected of a person who was living in a new culture.

Then his mother died of cancer. He blamed the West for not saving her and suddenly, BOOM, he took solace in the Koran, started dressing in traditional Muslim dress and forgot all of his past, becoming a true Muslim at heart.

I think there's going to be a huge explosion in Europe and this blog has been started in order to report on it and track it.

The Holland front is only the first battle in what promises to be a long and bloody war. The war is going to cover all of Europe in a cloud of darkness from Sweden and Norway in the far north, to Spain, France and Italy in the far south.

And unfortunately, I don't see a way to avoid the explosion. Euro population demographics are tanking and Islamic demographics are skyrocketing. Even if Europe stopped all immigration today, the war for Eurabia would still happen due to these population dynamics.

Europe will find out to its detriment that its "multicultural tolerance" has injected itself with a cancer that it's not going to find easy to eradicate. It has an ever more aging population, virtually no military, socialist economies that are in the tank and at the core of the problem, it NEEDS immigration from other countries. It's made a conscious decision to make its bed with the Arab/Muslim states and gone to enormous lengths to tie its political and cultural structure to these states and now its going to find that its going to be raped.

I hope Europe the best. It was the cradle of the Enlightenment which we currently enjoy, but I guess I don't see much hope for their future. It's fighting an enemy which has no qualms and few morals and which will do absolutely ANYTHING to bring about the Caliphate. Islam HAS no rules when it comes to the spread of Islam, and the Dutch are finding that out in the Opening battle for Eurabia - HOLLAND.

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