Monday, August 14, 2006

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU to hold talks on UK jet 'plot'

EU to hold talks on UK jet 'plot'

The European Union will hold a meeting of aviation and security experts next week on the suspected plot to blow up planes that was uncovered in the UK.

Finland, which holds the rotating EU presidency, said the meeting was needed to discuss anti-terrorism measures.

The UK says 23 people are being held over the alleged plot to blow up several planes with liquid explosives.

France on Friday announced a temporary ban on liquids in hand luggage on flights to the US, UK and Israel.

'Mass murder'

Finnish State Secretary Kari Salmi said the meeting would be in Brussels although the exact date has not yet been set.

Mr Salmi said: 'The aim is that experts will go through the situation in aviation security. Are the regulations in place? Are communications, both on EU and national level synchronised?'

A statement from the Finnish presidency said another 'restricted' meeting was being considered of ministers responsible for internal security."

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU to hold talks on UK jet 'plot'

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