Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dispatch from the Eurabian Front: Spain, France, Netherlands, Flanders | The Brussels Journal

What can one say? Watching from the sidelines, I can see Europe crashing into a brick wall at warp 10 through appeasement and hand-wringing.

Islam doesn't even need to fight battles against the wussie Euro's. They'll "what if" themselves into being a caliphate again.

Think I should probably change the name of my blog to "The European Caliphate".

Nonsense first, as usual.

Spain will no longer burn effigies of the Prophet Muhammad. Muslim armies occupied Spain from 711 to 1492. For the past five centuries the Spanish have traditionally celebrated the 1492 liberation from the Moors (as the Muslims were locally called) with local village festivals during which the battles against the Moors were reenacted and effigies of the Muslim prophet – the so-called “la Mahoma” – were mocked, thrown from the windows, and burned.

Last year the town of Bocairent near Valencia decided to discontinue the tradition of centuries. The town did not want to risk becoming the target of Islamic suicide bombers. On Monday the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that this year the other Valencian towns are also abolishing ancient traditions which are perceived to be offensive to Muslims. The people of Beneixama used to stuff the head of the Mahoma with firecrackers which went off as the onlookers applauded. This year Beneixama decided to abolish this part of the celebration. Antonio Vald├ęs, the local mayor, told El Pais: “This was not an essential part of the festivities. It could hurt the sensitivities of some. We decided to avoid that.” The reconquista will still be commemmorated, but without “aggression” towards Muhammad.

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