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Telegraph | News | Iran 'kept EU talking' while it finished nuclear plant

I find it more than a little frightening that a group of nations with any number of nuclear weapons at their disposal could be so gullible as the EU/EU3 has recently proven to be with their negotiating position re Iran.

With fantastical delusions to superpowerhood, they allowed themselves to be batantly hoodwinked by the Mad Mullahs in Tehran as the following article shows.

How the EU3, led by Jack Straw could possibly not know that they were being duped by a regime who violated the sanctity of an Embassy and completely ignore Ambassadorial rank; could send their children into minefields to clear it for their soldiers and holds nothing sacred, would suddenly have a change of heart and hold a negotiating position and a resulting treaty sacrosanct, is frankly, beyond me.

I knew it was a con. The US govt knew it was a con. Most people I know politically knew that it was a con. How could the EUnuchs not know? One word: Multiculturalism. Everybody's equal. No people or cultures are better than any other people or culture. All people in all times are equally trustworthy. As long as the EU negotiated in good faith and appeased to its utmost, then anybody they were sitting across the table from would do the same.

What I find truly astounding, is that this isn't exactly the first time this has happened. I remember when Lord Owen was negotiating with the "Bosnian Serbs" every week they came out with a new agreement which was broken, literally, before the ink was dry. 12 agreements and not one of them was worth a damn.

And it's no different than pre-war Germany in the British negotiating position with Hitler. "Peace in our time."

This is going to get a LOT of people killed one way or the other. We're either going to have to disarm Iran like we did Iraq, or we're going to have to hide in holes in the ground when they start launching nuclear missiles at the demon Jews or the Great Satan. But not the EUnuchs. They'll sit safely on the sidelines, wringing their hands and continuing to count the profits that they're making from these madmen ruling from Tehran while other people shed their blood to make up for the dispicable arrogance and willful blindness of European "soft power."

Hey, EU diplomats, repeat after me: We're only infidels. We're only infidels. We're only infidels!

As Winston Churchill declared to Neville Chamberlain on his return from Munich with Hitler's worthless treaty: "You had the choice between dishonor and war. You chose dishonor, but you will have war." There will be war over Iran and its nukes, no question.

Telegraph Iran 'kept EU talking' while it finished nuclear plant

By Colin Freeman

(Filed: 14/08/2005)

An Iranian foreign policy official has boasted that the regime bought extra time over its stalled negotiations with Europe to complete a uranium conversion plant.

In comments that will infuriate EU diplomats, Hosein Musavian said that Teheran took advantage of the nine months of talks, which collapsed last week, to finish work at its Isfahan enrichment facility.

Technicians working at the Isfahan uranium conversion facility
"Thanks to the negotiations with Europe we gained another year in which we completed the [project] in Isfahan," he told an Iranian television interviewer.

Mr Musavian also claimed that work on nuclear centrifuges at a plant at Natanz, which was kept secret until Iran's exiled opposition revealed its existence in 2002, progressed during the negotiations.

"We needed six to 12 months to complete the work on the centrifuges," said Mr Musavian, chairman of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council's foreign policy committee. He made his remarks on August 4 - two days before Iran's foreign ministry rejected the European Union offer of incentives to abandon its uranium enrichment programme.

Critics of the regime will see his comments as confirmation that Iran never contemplated giving up its programme, despite top-level diplomacy involving Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, and his French and German counterparts.

The US was always pessimistic about the talks' chance of success. Yesterday President George W Bush refused to rule out using military force to press Iran into giving up its nuclear programme, which Washington suspects is a front for weapons-making. "All options are on the table," Mr Bush told Israeli television.

Mr Musavian, whose remarks were translated by the Middle East Research Institute based in Washington, was responding to criticism from Iranian hardliners that Teheran should never have entered into the EU negotiations.

He said that until then, Iran had dealt solely with the UN-backed International Atomic Energy Authority, which had given it a 50-day deadline to suspend uranium enrichment on pain of referral to the UN Security Council.

"The IAEA give us a 50-day extension to suspend the enrichment and all related activities," he said. "But thanks to the negotiations with Europe we gained another year, in which we completed the [project] in Isfahan."

The plant, about 250 miles south of Teheran, carries out an early stage of the cycle for developing nuclear fuel, turning yellowcake into UF4 and then into UF6, a gas essential to enrichment.

"Today, we are in a position of power," Mr Musavian said. "Isfahan is complete and has a stockpile of products." Mr Musavian also said that Iran had further benefited from sweeteners offered by the EU, including the invitation to enter talks on Iran joining the World Trade Organisation.

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