Sunday, August 14, 2005

KCTV5 - Iran calls for talks with E-U, says it will never stop uranium conversion

Not content with rubbing the EU's nose in the fact that the past 2 years of steady negotiating has been nothing but a sham, Iran has offered to enter negotiations anew, but dealing with unspecified goals, merely "another facility."

Your loyal editor suspects that the Iranians have need of another 5 years of negotiating sessions in order to actually construct their nuclear weapons, and since the US and Israel would undoubtedly balk, boors that they are, Tehran's nuclear officials are certain that the EUnuch negotiators will keep these inconvenient infidels off their back while they undergo their full weapons development program.

At the same time, the Iranian team has great expectations that the EU will once again offer their non-aggression pact, will assist Iran in its WTO bid and if the cards fall right, will even offer Iran a UN Security Council seat, though the last is improbable.

One has to wonder how long it will be before Europe understands that Iran is not suseptible to their chief negotiating tactics: bribery and appeasment. Their mission isn't to enrich themselves with things they can already buy. Their mission is to kill Jews, the Great Satan and every infidel on the planet.

Nuclear weapons to Tehran are nothing more than terrorism by other means. They have set up 4,000 centrifuges and have the materials necessary to set up 50,000 more. Their main heavy water plant (only usable in nuclear weapons) covers 250,000 acres of ground. They're taking this VERY seriously. They don't intend to make a bomb then forget about it. They fully intend to mass-produce these weapons and spread the knowledge far and wide thoughout the Muslim world.

A Chinese curse states: May you live in interesting times. We certainly are.

KCTV5 - Iran calls for talks with E-U, says it will never stop uranium conversion

TEHRAN, Iran A top Iranian nuclear official says his country will never again suspend uranium conversion. But he's still calling for more talks with Europe on uranium enrichment.

Conversion is a step before enrichment. Enriched uranium can be used as fuel at nuclear power plants and also as material for atomic bombs.

Last week, Iran rejected a United Nations resolution that urged it to stop the conversion. The foreign ministry spokesman says that issue "is over," but another facility is up for discussion.

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