Saturday, December 01, 2007

Brussels: Mohammed, Ayoub, Mehdi and Hamza are preferred names

Here's a scary post. The link above points to a Belgium blog which recounts a list of names for the last 4 years. The top name is, of course, Mohammed, then Adam, followed by Ayoub, Mehdi and Hamza.

The list is recounted for the past 4 years, but if accurate, 50% of the list are foreign names, mostly, Muslim of course.

Then again, half of all births in the Netherlands are to children named Mohammed so I guess it's all pieces of the same pie.

The percentage may change, but it's the same across the European continent.

Yet, any words about stopping immigration or deportation are foreign to the European psyche. And worse than that, WHO do you deport? Many are now European citizens with theoretically at least, as many rights as native Euro's. So how does this knot get untangled? It doesn't.

But it's not only a sticky wicket for Europe. It is for their allies as well. One of the reasons, I suspect, that Europe took such a fierce anti-American stance is their fear of the "Muslim street" (and the billions they lost in Iraq of course). But this fear is just going to grow in stature as the years go by. Europe's anti-Americanism, both official and unofficial, is just going to grow as the years go on. It HAS to!

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